The 3rd Pyromusical Competition - Portugal and Finland

Red, white and blue and more other colors for you!

It was indeed one of the most colorful and brightest competition that you could witness here in Manila. And with thousand of spectators eager to be wowed by hundred of pyro spectacles, SM Mall of Asia was once again packed and been a center of attraction of the whole metropolis as it presents the the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition!

Finally, I got a chance to witness the third installment of this grand competition last Saturday at the VIP section of SM Mall of Asia. And together with thousand or even millions of people from different walks of life, we all looked up in the sky and see how this magnificent pyrotechnics color the sky of Manila Bay.

It was Finland and Portugal's night. Though I'm not really expecting so much from them since they didn't win last year, I still managed to enjoy their presentations and glad to see how they improved from last year's show.

Finland first took the spotlight with their kinda "emo-ish" show. It was like a concert of Enya, only with fireworks at the background. Most of their fireworks were dramatic, slow, which somehow bored me. But in terms of synchronization, they did really great. I just really hope that made it extravagant - bombastic. :-)

Close Up, one of the main sponsors, also shared a nice spectacle that night, made specifically for lovers in the area. :-) Unfortunately, I was busy eating that moment when it happened, so I just watched it and enjoyed it.

After some few minutes of waiting, Portugal entertained us together with what we call "Sunday hits", and I personally think that their show was more magnificent than the first one. The choice of music was even better too. And if you could just here the wowing of the people, you'll feel some goosebumps while watching Porugal's show.

And so, with these happenings, I can't wait to be at the next weekend's show, the battle between The Netherlands and the defending champion, China!

You too, can see the biggest and brightest Fireworls show in Asia by simply sending an SMS. To join, just text VOTE (space) PYROMOA (space) iLike (space) and the country code of the country you would like to win! If you wanna win this week's VIP tickets, just key in CN for China and NL for The Netherlands. (example: VOTE PYROMOA iLike CN). Don't forget to send your entries to 2984 for Globe, Smart and Sun subscribers.

Make sure that your entries are valid by simply registering. Text PYROMOA REG name/address/age and send it to 2948. Registration is free!

Winners can get an all expense paid trip for 2 to the winning country of the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition plus VIP tickets, a Canon camera and other exciting prizes!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and be amaze this coming Saturday, catch the 4th day of the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at SM Mall of Asia!

See you all there!

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