Train Save Me, San Francisco Concert

Front seat, not so great sound but great artist and lots of fun - That's what my last night was made of. Thanks to Dayly Entertainment for bringing one of my favorite international bands in the country, and for Orange Magazine for tagging me along, I witnessed how Train rocked Smart-Araneta Coliseum last night for their Manila leg of Save Me, San Francisco Concert Tour!

After that wonderful press conference, which also happened yesterday, I was one of the lucky fans who got to see them performed live. And for their second time, Pat, Jimmy and Scott proved how captivating and fun their music are, especially to their Filipino fans.

The show started with an opening act from the new 6cyclemind, who set that rocking mood of the fans as we were excitedly waiting for Train. Then as the clock ticked to 9, a resounding train sound echoed through the walls of the coliseum signaling the first number from Train.


First on their set list was "Parachute", then followed by "If It's Love" and "Meet Me Virginia". They also rendered their version of the Glee song "Don't Stop Believing" and their album cover "Save Me, San Francisco."

To give more excitement to the crowd, they sung their Christmas song "Shake Up Christmas", which according to Pat was their treat to us since they really enjoyed their visit here.

They also didn't miss to sing two of their most popular songs, "Hey Soul Sister" and "Marry Me." Pat joined the crowd as he walked around the coliseum to sing for the couples who are on a date. :-) Lucky couples!

Train ended the show with another song from their other album, "Drops of Jupiter."

And because of the excitement I didn't notice how many songs they have sung, but one thing I'm sure of, I enjoyed every beat that I heard. Here are two clips from last night's concert that I can share to all of you.

Pat, who was "kalog" even tried saying some Filipino phrases that gave us some laugh. And the band also asked a lot of ladies for their "Trainette" or girls who love Train. 

Each of the girls received a Trainette shirt, and the one who who stood out among the others went home with a signed guitar from Pat. Niiiice!

Congratulations, Train! Can't wait to see you guys next year with your second album!
Keep rocking! Happy Holidays!

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