So Who's Coming to Dinner, Coca-Cola?

The first time I saw this TV commercial, I was at the office. I saw how it trends on Twitter that's why I got curious and checked it out. And oh, boy! I wasn't prepared to cry that afternoon, but I can't help but to let the waterfalls of tears came out of my eyes. This is THE BEST Coke commercial I've seen and I'm sure that I will never ever forget this one.

Who thought that a soda brand could be the Santa Claus that our fellow Filipinos who are working very hard abroad is waiting for? Who thought that it is possible for an OFW who's been away from his or her family for a long time could get a chance to come back home to celebrate Christmas with their families? Who thought that happiness is just around the corner waiting to happen?

This is one commercial that I thought is worth watching, worth recognizing, and in this golden age of technology, worth-sharing. ^_^

And for those who got a blurry vision while watching this commercial, (some just too shy to admit that they cry over a commercial) here are the stories behind the three OFWs who experienced the Coca-Cola happiness.

The first story is about Mr. Joe Marie Ballon. A son of Molo, Iloilo (one of my favorite places here in the Philippines), this 38 year-old X-ray technician just came from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after Coca-Cola Happiness granted his wish to comeback home to see his father who is about to loose his sight. He wanted to comeback home since 2009 but circumstances hindered him, one of which was the hospitalization of his father in where he has to support.

Heaven seemed to hear his prayers, now he is with his family for the Yuletide season!

The second story is a story of a woman, of a mother, who's been away from her family for 9 years. Mrs. Leonie Villanueva has been working in Milan, Italy for a decade now and with a family to support and debts to pay for her family to have a decent home, she sacrificed all the hurting and the missing just to give her family a wonderful life.

She's been widowed for 17 years, so she practically raised her 3 daughters by her own. Her simple wish this Season of Gift-giving, to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Blessed who put faith in God, this December Leonie is enjoying the warm Pinoy Christmas tradition with her family. Merry Christmas, ma'am! ^_^.

And the last but not the least, is the story of a man, a father, who missed the chance to see his youngest son grow. Mr. Joey Doble has been working in Milan, Italy too for 11 years now. And just like a clown juggling many bowling pins, Mr. Doble has been handling different jobs at the same time. A cleaner during the day and baby sitter at times, Mr. Doble wishes to comeback home to give her wife a more pleasing and elegant wedding ring and to fetch his sons from school and work. This Christmas his simple wish is to have a picnic with his family, a picnic that will bind them together to enjoy this glorious season.

To God be the real glory for this Christmas, Mr. Doble will be dining with his family who loves him so much, and there, they'll enjoy the wonderful Noche Buena and Medya Noche this year. ^_^

Christmas is not just about a celebration of receiving gifts, it is more of a celebration of giving gifts. And this Christmas, through this commercial of Coca-Cola, may we all realize that HAPPINESS is best felt when we share to our fellows some of our blessings we received.

To Coca-Cola, thank you so much for sharing this heart-warming commercial. I know that Filipinos here and abroad, and maybe some foreigners too, will surely feel the love and passion that you guys put into this TV ad to share to the world how wonderful Filipinos' Christmas is.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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