Meeting Greyson Chance in Manila!

Today, I spent quite a Greyson Chance day. From his presscon to his first-ever concert here in the Philippines, I was there admiring him and really looking up to this 14-year-old boy who hails from the Oklahoma, U.S of A.

I know a lot of you would say that he is just another Justin Bieber, but what I saw tonight on his concert was different. He his a kid that has this unique talent and that is quite outstanding. No wonder, Ellen Degeneres had him on his show.

A few hours ago at the open park of Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City, thousands of girls lined up and shrilled as this young boy shared his amazing talent that is just admirable.

On top of it, I guess what really win our hearts, was his sweet and really sincere approach to everyone.

You see, during presscon, I never thought that this kid would literally shake everyone's hand as he approach us. And he was like that the whole day, smiling, jolly and cool.

I also noticed that he has this very lovable image that win not only his girl fans, but also their parents. Hehe.

Greyson Chance performed quiet a number of songs, including one Christmas song during his concert at Eastwood Mall. He also sung the song that made him a Youtube sensation, Paparazzi, which is originally by Lady Gaga. And that song really rocked the whole concert venue as his fans shrill and jump.

Most of the songs that he sung came from his latest album "Hold on 'Til the Night", where he wrote most of the songs. I personally liked most of his songs, including his version of Paparazzi, so I guess he gained another fan here! Hehehe.

And guess who I saw at the concert and I believe he is a fan too, Kean Cipriano! ^_^

Me with Kean Cipriano

You can still catch the sweet and talented Greyson Chance at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill today, November 20 at 7 p.m. Make sure that you buy his album at the venue because you might be lucky to have it autographed, just like what he did to the 800++ albums that his fans bought a while ago.

Welcome to the Philippines, Greyson!
I hope that you'll enjoy your stay as we enjoyed having you here.
More pictures HERE.


Elmer Domingo said...

Ayun! Nakapag-comment na din hehe. Sabihin ko lang na cute ng batang ito :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Naku, hindi lang siya cute... ANG GALING NYANG KUMANTA, AS IN!