Beware of Fake Products this Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner, and now that a lot people are buying gifts and different stuff in preparation for this upcoming joyous celebration, there are a lot things too that we should care about. Let us be warned that despite of the the happy spirit lingering in each of us, there are still bad souls who are taking this opportunity to do bad things. One of them, believe it or not are fake products that may put your love ones in danger.

That's why Proactiv Solution wants to inform their faithful customers and soon-to-be customers to buy  only the original stuff. And with that, they emphasize to buy from their reputable dealers, including authorized sources such as Watsons, Proactiv Mall kiosks and Proactiv website.

Christmas is such a busy season, and with everyone just spending and spending, it is important to keep in mind to make sure that you buy the safe, good and best gift for your family and friends.

I remember, I had a classmate before who used these astringents to have this beautiful, glowing skin, unfortunately, the one she had after some time turned out to be expired. She bought her astringent from this community drugstore, and there! Her face turned into to this like red ball of fire - scary!!!!

They say that during this season, especially now with online markets readily available in just one click, black markets are like viruses attracting buyers who wanna save up some money. But did you know that these products that they are selling are more likely Fakes or Counterfeit Proactiv Products. These items do not have any documentation to support the product to tell if its genuineThese black markets do not have License to Import the genuine product issued by the Bureau of Customs and more likely not cleared by the FDA for a Certificate of Product Registration.

Ans because of this, the risk of danger is so high causing a simple irritation to a life-threatening effect. Something that you would not want to experience this season, I'm sure!

To be sure the that the Proactiv products that you'll have are original and not tampered, buy them from Proactiv Solution exclusive Philippines distributors, these are accredited by Top American Product Solutions Inc, the one with exclusive distribution rights issued by Guthy-Renker LLC, Proactiv’s manufacturer based in the United States.

- All Watsons Stores
- All SM Department stores
- Proactiv Mall kiosks located at Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, Trinoma, Marquee Mall, Alphaland Southgate Mall, and Eastwood Mall.
- Proactiv Hotline 729-2222 or toll free numbers
- Proactiv Online Shopping cart:

With the original Proactiv products, you are guaranteed to have the fair and beautiful skin that you deserve. On their website, you can avail some lovely promos that will give you great deal that is perfect for this Yuletide season! Isn't that great?

So, celebrate this Seasons of Giving the right way! Choose only the best and original!
Happy Christmas!


Ria Hazel said...

I like Proactiv. :)

Mas lalo pa kong naconvince to try their products when celebrities endorsed them.

Thanks for recommending it Alex :)

irishell said...

for a kikay girl like me, i really need to try this. too bad no watsons here, but i will ask my sister to buy one for me and send it here in doha or this would be a very nice gift from you... hahaha!

Philippine Music News said...

Beware of fake products this Christmas, hindi porket mura ok na :)...