Ariel and Bench on 3D Fashion Show

If you though that 3D is just for TV shows and for movies, well, you are very wrong.

One of the highlight for the Month of Fashion was the showcase of high-tech fashion show presented by Ariel Deep Clean and Bench. Ariel, known for its stain-removing detergent soap, presented the first-ever 3D fashion show in the country. And with the support of Bench, a leading Filipino clothing line that is making a buzz in the world market now, the first-ever outdoor 3D projection mapping fashion show was made possible.

With the event's host and Ariel's newest endorser, Boy Abunda, everyone was entertained to a night of "wow" and "aha" as he and Ariel shared to us their newest and toughest product to beat stains and bacteria on our clothes.

Fresh from their Dubai trip, they told us how they personally witnessed the creation of this latest innovation from Ariel that beats, removes and kills bacteria on our clothes. And with its 3-step process in removing the stains, dirt and bacteria, everyone realized how this Ariel Deep Clean had the 3D effect.

Ariel Deep Clean polishes first the clothing fibers. Then, it lessen the negative charge on our clothes to reduce its capability to penetrate deeper. And lastly, it extracts the dirt and stains from the deep fiber layers to give us that wowing 3D deep clean!

I got to witness Ariel Deep Clean's 3D magic personally through the demos they had at the venue, and it was unbelievably incredible. The shirt came out like a brand new one! My mom will definitely love this one!

After some talks from Boy Abunda and Ariel Philippines Team, everyone was asked to look at the facade of Microtel fronting the venue to witness the most awaited 3D projection mapping fashion show of Ariel and Bench.

And since I love my readers, I recorded it to share to you! So here it is and enjoy!

It was my first time to see a real-life, larger than life 3D projection mapping fashion show, and even though, the images weren't that crisp, I enjoyed it and really amazed by it. It was like watching the Star Wars casts on Project Runway! Hahaha!

In line with this 3D projection mapping fashion show, on November 20, watch out for the first-ever 3D TV commercial from Ariel. To see its 3D effect, all you need is a 3D glass, like the one below, which you can have too when you buy a pack of Ariel Deep Clean.

Exciting right?

Congratulations, Ariel! I'm sure all the labanderos and labanderas will be glad of this new Ariel Deep Clean, while all the techie people out there wait for November 20 to catch the first airing of Ariel Deep Clean 3D TV commercial.

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Elmer Domingo said...

Ayos ang marketing ng Bench at Ariel ah! Talagang makiuso lang sa 3D eh noh? Hehehe