Fashionable Samsung Notebooks Series 3 - 3O5U1A

With people having all these gadgets being a part of their everyday lives and their everyday fashion sense, Samsung created something that gives every business-minded, fashionistas and wannabes a gadget that they'll love to look forward everyday - something fierce!

Held at Chocolate Fire in Makati City, invited people from media and online community were surprised by an afternoon of chocolate delight as Samsung introduced their latest line of notebooks that burst into these lovely and fashionable colors.

Comes in black, silver, blue, violet and pink, everyone's taste will surely fit in on this newest set of Samsung Notebook Series 3 - 3O5U1A.

During the event, strutting like ramp models, staff from Chocolate Fire presented these lovely notebook in their most delicious and drooling chocolate-y way.

Who would've thought that Samsung Notebooks can be presented that delish, right? Really nice!

After they presented us those stunning gadgets, they allowed us to get a taste of those chocolates. And as equally stunning as those notebook, the chocolates were just perfect.

Samsung Notebooks Series 3 - 3O5U1A weighs just 1.21kg., has an 11.6-inch HD LED screen, with an optimized performance of an AMD E450 processor, 2GB DDR3 System Memory, Windows 7 Home Basic and Samsung's unique Fast Start technology.

Aside from those, Samsung Notebooks Series 3 - 3O5U1A possesses a Bluetooth V3.0 High Speed, an HD Audio, 3 W Stereo Speaker and 1.3 megapixel HD Webcam. It also has a 4-cell battery that can last for 8 hours.

Samsung Notebooks Series 3 - 3O5U1A retails at Php23, 900. Not bad, eh?

A perfect gift this coming Holiday Season, Samsung Notebooks Series 3 - 3O5U1A is ready to glam you up the serious way! You can check for more details.

Thank you, Samsung! And thank you too, Chocolate Fire! ^_^


Unknown said...

Gusto ko yung pink! Super chic!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Ako, yung BLUE, terno sakin e. Hehe.