Clothes and Hugs for all!

Remember the blog post that I wrote where I tell the story of my Hundred Islands Shirt? Well, I guess by now that shirt has a new owner - someone who needs it more than I do. And even though that shirt holds a dear part in my life, I am grateful that by this time, it is giving some comfort to that someone who might be sick or in cold.

Held last September 30 at the parking lot of SM Mall of Asia, together with other bloggers who extended their helping hands to this cause, the awarding for the online contest of Electrolux's Clothes and Hugs took place where top ten posts got some love-gifts from Electrolux Philippines.

And since I am one of the participants, I was able to witness the awarding of the winners, which I think deserve the prizes that they all received.

But before we lead to naming the winners, Electrolux handed out first some of their donations to one of the beneficiaries of this great cause, the DZRH's Operation Tulong. ABS-CBN Foundation and ABS-CBN Tabang Patrol will be getting some of these love-gifts too to make sure that all these clothes will be delivered to those who are in need of it.

And this year, on it's third year, Electrolux Clothes and Hugs campaign made this campaign bigger and larger through the release of their Electrolux Laundry Mobile! This laundromat on the go was sent to different key locations in Metro Manila, Luzon and Cebu to gather more clothes that will be donated to the three beneficiaries which were chosen by Electrolux themselves.

I got to see and to check out this amazing truck, and I'm glad to know how they take good care of the clothes that are being given to them and I love how they wash them first before handing them over. Effort kung effort! Tender, love and care, indeed! ^_^

After that, they also presented to us their wall of achievements where photos of the places where this Electrolux Laundry Mobile have been. And as far as I can tell, the truck has been up north, and I believe it is now in Pampangga and Bulacan to help those who were affected by the typhoons Quiel and Pedring.

The fabulous hosts break the ice first by having a fun game for everyone to enjoy. And if there are two things to blame why I left the event feeling a little pain on my jaws, that'll be the super awesome hosts who made me laugh soooo hard and this very funny contest. I love that night! Super duper laugh trip!

And since, everyone can't take off of their minds the announcement of winners despite of all the laughter that we had, Electrolux raffled off first some cool items, including some appliances made by Electrolux! ^_^ Sweet!

The one we've all been waiting for, the announcement of the winners followed. And so, to share to you the awarding of certificates and love-gifts, here are the pictures!

The rest of the participants, including me, got this certificate of appreciation, which will be a souvenir of our TLC to this wonderful cause.

To the winners, participants, and even to my readers, may we never get tired of helping others. In time like this, a helping hand is the tiny light that our fellows needed to rise up from the problems that they are having.

And to Electrolux, congratulations for this very successful advocacy campaign! May you able to help more of our fellows who are still in need, especially in their clothing needs, and may this great cause stays forever.


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Thank you for sharing such a good cause:)