The Converse Block Party

I had a chance to catch one of the summer's hottest event, and with people all jumping and thumping to the great music of international DJs, our fellow Pinoy showcased their all-star talents with the latest apparels and shoes from Converse for their this year's Block Party.

From face painting to wonderful house music, to games, street dancing, skateboarding and even up to shopping, Converse's 2011 Block Party made everyone's day filled with amazing and very cool surprises.

And even though I wasn't there all day, I got a glimpse of the most coolest party Converse has ever thrown just before the rainy days hit the metro.

One of the highlights of this party was the basketball game, which was attended by the country's hottest male stars.

There were also a dance exhibition led by one of the country's pride, Philippine All-Star, which made the crowd wowed with every move and stunt they made.

TV Host and former VJ Kat Alano in her hot frock look hosted this whole-day event.

Kat Alano

And as a treat to those hip-hop fans, a short dance class was held for them to get the beat of what's hot in the music and dance industry.

Indeed, Converse lives up to its name giving an all-star happening with an all-star success that was enjoyed by a lot of people.

Congratulations, Converse! Til your next party!

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