Akari Batteries - Re-energized!

I was invited last week to see the latest products of Carlson Company. For those who are unaware, Carlson Company is the one behind Akari Battery. Yes, surprisingly, Akari is still out in the market competing with other rechargeable battery brands and is currently showcasing their latest invention about this household must-have.

Led by their bosses, the marketing team of Akari Batteries and Chargers shared to us the recent development in batteries and charges that households, schools, offices and other businesses can find useful.

Here are some of the slides of their presentation that I got a shot of:



To be honest, I was really amazed by how theses batteries evolve, and I cannot believe that they are now, like, so perfect!

I mean, they are earth-friendly, they last longer than expected, they are rechargeable and they are all perfect for any gadget since Akari also offers adapters! Good news, right?

Here are the line of batteries and chargers that they shared to us during this media launch:

Since summer is almost over and dark clouds started covering the bright sky of summer, it is important to be prepared. And as experts suggest, always have batteries and flashlights at home in case of emergency, and one of the options that we have now, and we can really rely on is Akari.

Stay safe, everyone! Thanks, Akari!


elmerlovesoreo said...

Like ko yan, mga rechargeable batteries.

Anonymous said...

im having a problem with their charger and battery. I already left an email on their inbox, at first they replied but on my second inquiry, they aren't replying.