The FLAVORSful GSM iParty!

INT.  Unit 15B, The Shang Grand Tower, Makati City. NIGHT. 7p.m.

We were welcomed by a cute guy in this two-bedroom unit here in Makati not knowing who he was and what role he was playing. He toured us around the house, talking in his friendly manly voice saying stuff that little by little entice me... And then I asked:

Alex: Who are you again?
Guy: Hi, I'm PJ and I'm your host for tonight.... Welcome to GSM iParty!
Alex: Wee!

Okay, sorry for that poor intro. LOL.

Geared with hungry stomach and empty body alcohol bucket, I took off from the office just in time to be part of this first-ever GSM iParty... 

And I'm glad that I attended this iParty because everything was a blast!

House rules:

Every house party has its own simple rules, and as any host would've requested, JUST STICK WITH THEM. So, in this memorable iParty, here are some of the house rules that PJ posted on their wall.

Any party wouldn't be as happy and as cool as it would be without the guests... And that night's guests are no other than the coolest bloggers in Metro Manila! Wee!

The house was swamped by the delicious aroma from dishes that they prepare, so be ready to drool over these party-love foods from Gerry's Grill!

Hungry stomach - CHECK! ^_^

And of course, the night wouldn't be complete without stars... And the star of the night - GSM Flavors! Wee!

Comes in two delicious flavors - apple and lychee - these drinks that we had that night were prepared by our amazing bartenders and were served by cups to all the guests who are ready to have fun and enjoy the night!

Oh, I love the apple flavor... It tasted like the Green Apple Float of McDonald's but with a spirit that you will immediately feel once you drink it. Hahaha! I love!

Alcohol - CHECK! ^_^

And since everyone was game, and ready to drink up, games and other cools stuff happened... One of them was the Rockband Session! Wee!

 After some head banging with my fellow bloggers, we were called to the living room to join the "Dugtungan" Challenge.

We were asked to form a group of five, and all we have to do was to create a story out of the words that we will get from the fish bowl.

I teamed up with my best pals, Nherz and Rueka, then we had Ryan and FPJ with us to compete for the game.

I had four cups already, so I was a little light-headed but really game for this challenge. So, guess what? WE WON! Hahahaha!

We took home some generous gifts from our hosts and we were reigned as the first-ever GSM iParty "Dugtungan" Challenge winners. Winner talaga! Hahaha!

Well, I hope that all the people there really enjoyed our gay talk. Hahaha!

Thank you, GSM, for bringing another barakda treat that we can enjoy - GSM Flavors
You never fail to satisfy my alcoholic nerves! Hehehe.

And thank you too to our hosts who've been so cool and fabulous in bring me and my blogger-friends together! You people rock! \m/

And since today is Friday and start of the month, don't you think it is just the right to treat ourselves to some ice-cold drink like GSM Flavors? It'll only cost you Php60.00!

Drink moderately, guys! ^_^


elmerlovesoreo said...

Lakas maka-endorse ha! Hehehe. Nice post! :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hahaha! Hindi naman, masarap lang talaga ang GSM Flavors, mura pa! :-)

Thanks, Elmer!

Ria Hazel said...

Wow nandyan si Ate Ana! Hahaha. She's the cousin of my ex. Wala lang. :D Namiss ko lang sha. hehehe