The Ritz Spa Experience

I've been to a lot of spa places here and out of Metro Manila, but most of those visits if not that satisfying were disappointing

One reason why I visit spas is to have a body massage. I like getting a full body massage. I like it hard but not hurtful. And though full of doubt about this spa place here in Manila if they can provide a better body massage, I braved myself in trying one of their services, the one that I found would relaxed my really, really  tired body.

Let me tell you my Hot Stone Massage experience here in The Ritz Spa.

Basically catering to foreign visitors of Manila, The Ritz Spa offers a list of services that any guest would enjoy. They have packages for those who wanna throw a sparty (spa party) with their pals, but I think if you wanna have a sparty that should just be an all-girls or an all-boys sparty because the place is divided into two parts, the men's area and the ladies' area and I think they wouldn't allow men getting in to ladies' locker area. Hehehe.

They have an ample parking space which is somehow good, but upon entering the place, I found the place a little dull. The colors and the design of the receiving area were a little boring making it like some petty spa places.

All those first impressions changed when I was given a key to my locker room where I could place my stuff - high tech!

The men's locker room is spacious. There are male attendants inside who will assist you to your needs - towels, bathrobe and slippers - they'll give it all to you up to the extent that they will lift your feet just for you to wear your rubber slippers. Hehehe.

Since I came in there still fresh and okay, I skipped the sauna room and jacuzzi, but I saw their facilities and I was amused by how they come up with such idea. One thing I have that moment, this place is really for foreigner visitors. I've seen places like these on Koreanovelas, so now wonder most of their guests are Koreans.

After I took a bath, I was asked to go to the second floor where my masseuse was waiting for me.

Upstairs, they have this lounge-like area where guests can just sit on their super comfortable chairs and watch telly or read some magazines. There's also a reception area where the masseuse are waiting, and that's where I went next.

I was asked by this lady what do I want and I told her that I was there to try their Hot Stone Massage. She led me to this room where I found other guests having full-body massages too. I was actually surprised to see eight to ten guests there, and though I wasn't accustomed to the idea having a massage with the other guests, I went to the bed where I was assigned, laid my belly flat on the bed and wait for my masseuse to come back with the stuff that she'll need for my massage.

After some minutes, she came back and asked me to relax....

She started massaging my feet with oil and work her way up to my waist. I think she spent some 10 minutes massaging my legs with oil til she picked the the hot stones from the steam basket. Probably, the only mistake that she did during our entire massaging session was she forgot to tell me that she's about to use the hot stones. So the first time she scrubbed it on my legs, I was stunned. Hahaha! She said sorry, though, and I accepted it so everything's okay. Then she continued her job until my body reacted to the hot stones like they are just some hot palms.

After some minutes of scrubbing my legs with those stones, she moved up  to my back. And just like what she did on my legs, she spent some minutes massaging my back with oil, then she used the hot stones next. The only difference was she left three hot stones on my back, on top om my spinal column while massaging my hands.

It was heavenly!

I didn't really know that Hot Stone Massage was that good until I tried it here in Ritz Spa. Having three hot stones on my back released all the tension I have with me giving me one heavenly feeling. IT WAS REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

After some more minutes, she asked to turn and lay my back on the bed so that she can massage my body and the front part of my legs, as well as my head.

She just repeated what she did on my back and finished her session to me with that thump, which I believe was to release the friction that the massaging caused to my skin.

This was one of the best body massages I've had in my life, and I think I'll be addicted to this hot stone massage. Since  my masseuse was really good, I gave her a good tip - she really deserved it. *wink*

According to the office in charge in their main reception area, all they have there are masseuse, so for those who want some male massage, sorry but you can't have it here. But one thing that I can assure you, their masseuses or at least my masseuse was good and knew  where and when to give a hard pressure.

I return to my locker with this huge satisfied smile and with a body ready to battle again. Hehehe.

Thank you, The Ritz Spa! I love you Hot Stone Massage! I will be back for sure!


mix said...

heyyy i know the owner of this... :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Ah, really? Nice! Tara punta tayo dito!!! ^_^