The Californiaberry Bloggers' Party

Last March 27, I and my fellow bloggers were invited to attend the first bloggers' party of Californiaberry. It was held at their Mezza branch in Sta. Mesa, Manila. And since I'm a Californiaberry fan, I know that I'll love their latest offerings that they are about to share to us that afternoon and I'm sure that we'll enjoy the afternoon because I know that Californiaberry really prepared for this first-ever bloggers party.

 Kyle You and Kirkland Whang

As I entered the party's premise, I was asked to chooses the drink that I wanna try from their Fresh Fruit Blends selection.

I was surprised to know that they are now offer something like this. This is really perfect for summer and I really, really love having some fresh fruit blends during this season! ^_^

After that some meet-the-other-bloggers moment, we were asked to stand up and do some warm-up exercise for the games that they prepared for us.

Though the exercise failed, it seemed everyone got so jumpy that Californiaberry Team brought out the items needed for the real game. There were two games that really rocked the world of the bloggers that day, and we all enjoyed them.

In between those games, CB Team was bringing out their latest treats.

After that refreshing drinks, they brought these hearty pasta meals that we all feasted on.

Since, there's no other way to enjoy  their non-fat froyo, they first served us one of their newest drinks, which you can all avail now at any Californiaberry store, their Organic Coffee.

Then, some more minutes, they announced the winner of the best summer costumes, and they are Sheila and Rome! Congrats, guys!

And as everyone was enjoying each other's company, the highlight of the day, Ice Ice Baby, were served to us.

Oh, it was really delicious! I'm sure kids and kids-at-heart will surely enjoy these delectable summer treats from Californiaberry!

We all bid goodbye with happy face and happy tummy!
Til next time, Californiaberry! Thank you!

P.S. Check out Lafanggero for my food review on these yummy treats. Thanks!
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elmerlovesoreo said...

Ikaw na endorser! Pantapat ba yan sa Zagu? Hehehehe

Rome Diwa said...

aaayyyy!!! may picture talaga ang best dressed. ahahahaha thanks. sana maulit to

The Cuisineuer

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

@Elmer, no, I think, these fruit blends are for Fruitas. Hehehe.

@Rome, Syempre, winners eh! ^_^ Oo nga sana maulit pa ito... Kulitin natin si Vannah at yung mga cute na may ari ng Californiaberry. ^_^

elmerlovesoreo said...

@Mr. Dizon... can I call you Alex? So para pala sa Fruitas yung mga nasa pictures. Kala ko new brand na lalaban sa dominance ng Zagu :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

@elmer, ikaw lang ang tumawag sakin ng Mr. Dizon! Hahaha! Ikaw na! LOL.

Wala kasing sago ung fresh fruit blends, so I just thought na pantapat Fruitas yun.. Though CB's Fresh Fruit Blends have froyo...