SpaRga: The Boulevard's Hidden Zen

Who would've thought that besides the hustle and bustle that one of the busiest boulevards in the metro have, it also a nest to one of the the most relaxing places I've been to right here in Metro Manila.

Oh, yeah, there's this "oasis-like" place inside the metro that was well kept and well maintained, and only few are aware of its existence...

Well, since I'm a blabber mouth, I'll share it to all of you.... The place is called SpaRga!

Sounds like a superhero name, right? But it's not. It's a name of this wellness spa that I've been to lately, so let me share to  you what I have found out about this hidden zen.

Originally owned by the Former Department of Tourism Secretary Mina T. Gabor, this old shack was magically transformed by Ruth Gautier into a zen - a treat for the hard-working metropolis cyborgs, like me. Hehe.

I've been to this place for a press launch, so I didn't get a chance to try their services yet, but nonetheless, I saw with my two eyes how the old shack was well kept and maintained to give visitors an out-of-metropolis feel that will keep them relax at ease during their visits.

As I entered the very homey reception area of SpaRga, I was welcomed by the very relaxing scent of lemongrass and olive. The smell is familiar to me, because I believe SM comfort rooms and Sofitel use the same aroma therapy. I kinda like it because it really relaxes my tense nerves and it quickly changed my mood into a peaceful one.

After I registered my name and other contact details, one of the receptionist handed a cold towel, which I immediately apply to my face and to the back of my neck and ears to cool me down.

I finally stepped myself in this time, I was greeted by the antique/wooden furniture, which gave me a province-like feel. Few more steps, I found myself in a small garden where small plant placed in the rattan baskets were found and a cage of butterflies the delighted me so much. The natural-earthly sound from the speakers and the gushing of the water from the small fountain were really calming.

Then as I entered Gabor Gallery that they turned into a cafe, I found a nice spot where flowers like calla lilies were placed as a table accent.

I didn't get to notice the calla lilies all over the place until Miss Ruth said to us that the whole place was inspired by the simplicity of the said flower. It was then and there I saw it all, there are really a lot of calla lilies here.

Since Miss Ruth is a self-confessed foodista and a member of SPA and Wellness Association, having an in-house cafe is also her way of sharing her passion to their guests. So, in this in-house cafe, local and traditional continental cuisines with healthy cocktails can be bought when you visit SpaRga.

I got to taste their avocado juice and their talbos juice (I forgot what kind of talbos was that), if they didn't say what kind juices are those, I would have something like sago't gulaman for the avocado juice and pink lemonade for the talbos juice. Both were very good and have this refreshing feel with no after taste. This is something that i will surely have when I return for my massage.

Avocado Juice with Jelly bits

Talbos Juice

Some media friends got some free message treatments from the very excellent hands of Alice. I think I'll have her when I visit this place again. ^_^

I've seen her handworks and I think my body would love them.

As for the interior of this two-story piece-of-heaven here in Roxas Boulevard, here are some of the pictures that I took when I took a tour around the place.

SpaRga offers Whole Body Massage (Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination), Spargaromatherapy (lymphatic drainage massage), Whole Body Scrub and Foot Scrub. They also offer Modern Hilot, Ventosa with Abyanga (Indian Massage), Reiki and Clinical Massage, but these services are by appointment only.

SpaRga also houses a function room, indoor garden dining cafe, sauna, jacuzzi, pressure shower, body scrub room and single and double rooms.

By just typing these words, I can't help but to get too excited!

I've been through a lot these past few days and I think a little treat from all the hard work that I've done wouldn't hurt my pocket that bad. Actually, when I saw the price list of their services, spa addicts would think that they are quite reasonable. ^_^

So, there, I think I'll call them tomorrow and book an appointment. Wee!
Now, this is what a call A GOOD LIFE!

SpaRga: Wellness Spa
#1 Sta. Escolastica St. corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City (across PNB Finance Centre)
Phone: (02) 836-9143 / 0921-2603555

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