The's 3rd Year Party!

I usually get my inspirations to write from all the stuff that I read. And one reason why I have so many blog right now is because I was inspired by millions of the blogs that can be found on the Net.

I'm following a lot of blogs. I love reading, really. And one of the blogs that I love getting updates everyday is

Earth Rullan, the author/owner of this very popular blog, catches my attention really well. May it be about parenting, beauty, food or events, I just can't help but to check her site everyday and be updated from the different topics that this bubbly woman has.

And when I received an invitation to join her on her 3rd Year Anniversary, I was really, really delighted. It will be my first time to attend such party, so I'm kinda excited.

I've been with Earth in different events a lot of times, so I know for sure that what she in stores for us will be something remarkable... And so she did. The party was really remarkable! Wee!

Held at Liquid Pool and Lounge at Manila Ocean Park, the amazing venue was simply perfect for this awesome party.

Attended by Earth's family, PR friends and close blogger-friends (including me, wink-wink), everyone was treated to a night of sweet drinks, food and crazy pole dancing moves that made us all laugh.

Earth generously raffled off some some minor prizes and some amazing prices such as an Ipod, camera and printer that thrilled us all night!

She was willing to give more prizes, but this time in exchange of one sexy pole dance. Luckily nobody took her dare. Hahaha!

Thank you, Earth! It was a fun night seeing your colleagues just enjoying each others' company.
I really enjoyed your party! May live forever, gorgeous!
God bless and keep it up! Congratulations!

*Thanks to Azrael for the other pictures! :-)

Group hug!

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Azrael Coladilla said...

may pole dancing contest pala