Name This Product!

Okay, this is a creepy Friday for me... First, I woke up so late and now, when I got here in teh office, my female officemate, Malu, showed this to us...

I really find this creepy! LOL

Malu said that this was given to her earlier when she got off of MRT. Since, the cover looks so catchy and interesting at the same time, she took it and brought it here in the office.

Inside this kinda booklet this is this:

At the back of the booklet, there's this instruction:

Curious as we were, we followed the first instruction and had this:

A funnel made of carton!!! Bwahaahahahahaha!

Below the instruction was this:

So, now, women can have their own shaft. LOL An environmental-friendly shaft. LOL.

And believe it or not, this promotion is also a contest:

Hahahahaha! So creepy but very funny!

And they also have some FYI thingy at the back too. Funny, eh?

Now, I wonder who have this idea. Though, it is kinda helpful and cool, I still find it creepy, specially in a country where we are used to see women sitting on the bowl. Hehehe.

So, for all the guys out there, if you saw a woman standing while urinating, don't feel uncomfortable, she is just using NAME THIS PRODUCT! :-P

Happy Friday!

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