Manila Bulletin goes 3D and On-The-Go

With the current innovations on films and televisions, and with the current “pang-masa” trend on local radio stations come a three-dimensional news that newspaper readers would love to experience, the Manila Bulletin 3D.

Last September 24, for the first time in the history of Philippine newspaper, the nation’s leading news paper, Manila Bulletin, showcased to the public it’s first-ever three-dimensional pages giving every reader a vivid view of the captivating pictures in every section. Along with this innovation, 3D glasses come along for the readers to see and enjoy their favourite newspaper in a new set of high-tech eyes.

And last Friday at Picasso Building in Makati City, Manila Bulletin invited online people, including yours truly, to witness the small exhibit they prepared and also to share to us another ground-breaking foray where online people will surely benefit from it – the Manila Bulletin iPad Edition.

Oh, Yes! To those who have an iPad, they can read and get the hottest and latest news in town and around the globe through their iPads by just using the Manila Bulletin iPad application.


And to those who have an internet access at home or in the office, they can still access the e-paper at

During the said event, online people get to discover and enjoy the amazing features of the 3D newspaper. I heard that it was quite price-y compared to the normal newspaper in terms of printing, so the cost in the side of the consumers is quite high too. But in terms of realistic approach to the graphics in every section, you’ll definitely have a far most advanced experience – like a Harry Potter experience. Heheh.

Manila Bulletin team and its advertisers also raffled off some cool gadgets that we, online people, can use in our every day lives.

I won and 4GB, third generation iPod shuffle! Wee!

And, as the night got deeper, the game rule changes, instead of raffling off the other big” times, Manila Bulletin team decided to dare brave online people to take a certain challenge to win theses cool stuff.

And, yeah, me being one of those “makakapal ang mukhang” online people, won something out of it! Hahahahahaha!

I took home not one iPod but two iPods! Hahaha! Wee!
One iPod shuffle that I got from the raffle and one 8GB, second generation iPod Touch! Wee!

An early Christmas gift from the Nation’s Leading Newspaper!

Thank you, Manila Bulletin!
And keep it up!

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