Hennessy Artistry 2010

Imagine a night of pure artistry with the country’s three amazing bands. Imagine a night with non-stop music from Pupil, True Faith and Kjwan. And imagine a night of free-flowing drinks courtesy of the world-renowned cognac.

Wow, right? Well, it' the Hennessy Artistry Manila!

Well, that’s what I witnessed on the first-ever Hennessy Artistry which conquered Manila last Friday at NBC Tent, The Fort, Taguig.

Non-stop performances from the country’s Pupil, True Faith and Kjwan filled the Tent as everyone enjoyed the wonderful artistic offering of Moet Hennessy to its loyal patrons.


A night of over-flowing drinks was also served to everybody as we all headbanged to the tunes of these three great bands.


True Faith


And, as usual, where there’s a good music, there are the party-goers! And I spotted some of them. Check them out!

 The four tastes of Hennessy at the Hennessy Artistry Manila

 Hosts Channel V's VJ Alvey and VJ Solenn

 Celebrity sightings

The performances of Pupil, True Faith and Kjwan lasted for almost four hours. Imagine, four hours of non-stop music! AMAZING!

After the great performances of these outstanding Filipino musicians, the program was then followed by the great beats of DJ Laura Pope of United Kingdom and DJ Rasmus Faber of Sweden.

It was truly a night of great music, great drink and great crowd. No wonder Hennessy Artistry is hailed as one of the best party-events in different nations.

Til next year, Hennessy Artistry!
Congratulations and more power!

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