HMR Auction: Recycling Your Assets

A few months ago, I got so curious about online auction because there’s this group of bloggers that got so hooked on it that they even got a chance to win some cool gadgets that a lot got so envy. Hehehe.

And recently, I heard about this HMR Auction that specialise in offering a faster solution for unwanted asset disposals. This is offered to clients by consigning their unwanted assets to any one of their auction houses.

The commission fee covers the marketing support and auctioning services. They have an existing database of over 5000 bidders whom they contact via SMS, telemarketing and email blasts. Through all their efforts, they guarantee their clients the maximum value for their unwanted assets.

Other than just asset disposal service that an auction firm offers, HMR offers the three R – Resale, Reuse, Recycle.

Since a lot of companies really maximize the return on idle assets through auctioning of:
  • ·         Production overruns, closeouts, and buybacks
  • ·         Excess inventory, surplus equipment, and spare parts
  • ·         Consumer goods
  • ·         Industrial equipment and tooling
  • ·         Receivership and liquidations
  • ·         Real state/Properties
HMR will help you about your facilities closure management, they can manage each stage of the process. They are accredited in all Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA) and are certified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources with an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).

HMR is really getting popular, and so the auction of assets in Manila and to the other cities and provinces nearby wouldn’t be a big problem to all companies and/or individuals who are seeking help with reselling, reusing and recycling their assets.

So, if you wanna some help about your assets or just a little curious about this stuff, feel free to visit their site and learn more about the benefits that you can have from HMR Auction.

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