The Future of Green Living is NUVALI

I was invited to a tripping to this new village (or so I thought it was) at Laguna. Located between the cities of Calamba and Sta. Rosa, lies the future Makati of the country – NUVALI.

I thought being green in our country nowadays only applies to apparels, home stuff and food, I never thought that being green now applies to homes, too! FINALLY!

Though not that fully developed yet, this wonderful piece of land which is being develop by the Ayala Land seems to be the greener version of Makati of the Metropolitan Manila.

When I got a chance to visit the place, I was greeted by the NUVALI’s iconic structure, The Evolving Center, which features an interactive display of the importance of green and sustainable lifestyle.

The Evolving Center


Then behind this mirrored architecture is a lake where boats costing you Php30.00 each for a two-way ride will bring you to Solenad , NUVALI’s center for gastronomic adventures.

The lake houses to hundreds of Koi fishes which were so eager to munch in the pellets thrown at them by the visitors. Those fishes were so “matakaw”. Hahaha!

NUVALI also houses the One Evotech, the first BPO building in the vicinity, so if you are a call center agent and wanna live and work here, well, I guess you have great future ahead of you here.
Since the weather was really nice that day, our tour guides also brought us to the Bird Sanctuary of NUVALI where Haribon Foundation confirmed that there are 78 species of birds flew in here in a year.


And on our way back to Solenad for our lunch, the group then took us to Avida Settings, one of the town homes inside NUVALI that offers good and green housing facilities.


Thanks to Kanin Get It for sharing a wonderful meal with us.
It was so nice meeting the people behind Kanin Club.

And thanks, too, to the crews of Starbucks NUVALI, for their cute smiles. Hahaha!

How I wish, I can find work abroad soon for me to buy at least one of thoses houses.

Thanks, Ayala Land, for creating such an ideal and green place like NUVALI!


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