Go Green, Be Beautiful with One Naturales

I barely attend beauty events for I know I’m not as vain as my friends are, but with One Naturales launching at A. Venue,Makati City, I am so glad that I was there.

Nowadays, the market and even the wide street of EDSA was filled with nothing but cosmetic and beauty lines saying that they are the next best thing when it comes to such. But have we ever thought something for our planet’s own beauty. Kinda confusing, right?  Here, hear me out.

With the launching of One Naturales, a line of personal care and beauty products, they particularly said it’s about time to think not only about our physicality but also our planet’s condition.

Hosted by Bianca Valero, the night was filled with nothing but full backyard feel, and as Charade Galang introduced to us her amazing line that will hit the racks of Watson very soon, everyone became so excited to see and have an experience with this all-natural products.

Bianca Valero

It was such a wonderful night to take home some new products and be one of the few who will try it first. And this great news doesn’t stand, of course, until we all tried One Naturales and experience it first-hand.

So, with this, let me share to you my favourite products that I’m now using from One Naturales.

And let me remind you that I’m no expert when it comes to this, I’m just stating here my experience with this product line.

Body Butter Cherry Blossom Trails

My top favourite from the line was their Body Butter Cherry Blossom Trails. The fruity, delicious scent was really great. The consistency was good, making my skin so soft and smooth and shiny. I really, really love it. My friends, when they first smell the scent, they immediately fell in love with it. It was one of their products that we should all have, really.

Hand and Body Lotion

The next item that I love from One Naturales is their Hand and Body Lotion. If you wanna have that TV star or movie star skin, try their 90210 gorgeous. At first, the scent is like a cough syrup, but when you applied it on your skin, the feeling was kinda refreshing and my skin glows really nice - even on a dark person like me. Hehehe.
Lotion Masage Bar

While, for those tired and aching body, would you believe that they have the Lotion Masage Bar? Oh, my Gosh is the variant that I got, and OMG, I love it! The relaxing scent was already enough to set me on a calm mood. The feeling when I used it was so heavenly.

Solid Shampoo

And the last but not the least of my favourite, their Solid Shampoo. I stopped using liquid shampoo for almost a year now due to drastic hair loss that I’m suffering, but when I saw this on my take home bag, I tried it and I am glad with its result. This is my first time to use a solid shampoo and it was great chance that the first one that I used is One Naturales which has a variant name of It’s Green! – my favourite color. Hehe.

But before I end this blog, let’s not take for granted the very green and earth-friendly packaging of these products. And to be honest, for me, the packaging was really great! I think these will be great gifts to friends and family and there’s no need for extra packaging because it is already chic and sophisticated as it is.

So, for those who are so curious and so vain, visit the nearest Watson branch on your place because you might be lucky to get some of this wonderful items that you’ll surely love. Just like what happened to me. How I wish I can have another set of all of these from the organizers. Hahaha! I’m getting addicted to the scent and feel, everything was so lovely! I feel so delicious now! Hahaha!

Thanks, One Naturales,
Thank you, Charade, for sharing to us all of these great products!

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