Samsung launches a new Breed of Camera – The NX10

Launched at the Rockwell Mall North Court of the Power Plant Mall, this Samsung’s newest offering to professional and amateur photographers and even to photo enthusiasts (like me!), will soon be the talk of the town because of its amazing features.

Together with the launching of Samsung NX10 was a photo exhibit that showcased the wonderful talents and artistry of Jenni Epperson, Ino Caluza and Igan D’Bayan.

Jenni Epperson, a well-known celebrity stylist showcased her talents in photography by capturing a raw, unpredictable and more artistic representation of the typical fashion shoot. She and her daughter, Aryanna, had a wonderful time using Samsung NX10 as they get every detail of Arayanna doing fashion poses wearing a cosplay and an Alice in Wonderland costumes. With the use of NX10’s multi-shutter feature, Epperson got all the detail that she wanted to get with a clear and vivid image and color.

 Jenni Epperson

Ino Caluza, on the other hand, a fashion maverick, showcased her talent on photography by capturing the combination of fashion and architecture through his dramatic black-and-white diptychs. Caluza bravely combined the funky images of his clothing line with the ultra-modern architecture that really amazed me. Modern art, indeed!
 Ino Caluza

And finally, Igan D’Bayan, a visual artist, Lifestyle sub-editor, columnist and graphic artist of Philippine Star showcased his photography talent through the use of NX10’s colored and black-and-white image setup. Though, most of his photos were quite intriguing, the texture, the color, the vividness of the idea and unbelievable execution on every frames simply showed how versatile D’Bayan is and how the NX10 can easily cope up with the versatility of the photographer.
 Igan D’Bayan

Truly, this innovation in photography simple marked the photographers and photo enthusiasts look on a more and high-end quality and style that pushes them to capture the finest and best of our lives. As Samsung tagline goes, “Turn on Tomorrow.”
Now, I wonder where I can get the money to buy one of these amazing camera. Hehehe.
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