Immuvit Keeps Coach Jim Saret on the Go

I first met Coach Jim Saret in an event where he shared his thoughts on how he keeps his athletes fit and healthy. He even shared to us some simple exercise that we can do - one of it is the 4-Minute Metabolic Workout Program which we found very effective. And all the attendees of the said event was really glad with this 4-minute exercise.


For those who wants to know, Coach Jim Saret too an MS in Sports in Medicine at Brigham Young University in the United States. He is also Sports Training and Fitness Consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee. So, he has a good grasp of the issue about health and living fit and healthy.

Coach Jim is also currently handles the country’s top three sports teams: the RP Smart Gilas Basketball Team, the RP Swimming Team, and the RP Boxing Team.

And now, as this healthy looking man continues to promote living well and staying fit healthy, he now invites everybody to try Immuvit, a multivitamin supplement that contains the unique combination of two powerful ginsengs - Korean RPC Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng - as well as CoQ10.

Coach Jim Saret
Immvuit is good multivitamin for those who are on their somatopausal years or the people who or their late 20s. Because it is said that at this age where we start feeling the onset of diminished vigor along with the appearance of the more visible signs of aging, like wrinkles or sagging skin. TAKE NOTE: wrinkles and sagging skin. Eew, right?

Well, with Immuvit, according to Coach Jim Saret, it contains exactly what our body needs to help us to stay fit and healthy as we get older. Aside from helping us sustain our energy all day long, Immuvit, with its two ginsengs, helps us revitalize our resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress.

With all the pollutions and stress that surrounding us nowadays, a healthy balance between diet, workout, and Immuvit will surely make you feel younger and healthier.

Immuvit is available in all leading drug stores.
And, yeah, for those who are asking,  He is the guy in the billboard at Guadalupe now. :)

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