Mitch Mauricio and Ton Lao on Samsung’s PX2370 LED Monitor

With the birth of new LED monitors all over the market, which one stands out for you? Are you that type who prefers LED monitors that do justice to your photo editing jobs, video post-production stuff, digital illustration techniques, graphic design works ot you're looking for something that is for some serious gaming and all that efficient mix of business and leisure?

Well, if you are one of those people who work on these kind of computer jobs, let me share to you what Mitch Mauricio, a well-known celebrity and fashion photographer, and Ton Lao, photographer and stylist of Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Rayver Cruz, and Richard Gutierrez have to say about the new Samsung PX2370 LED Monitors.

“I need the colors to be very close to what I captured with my camera and also, what’s on the monitor should be very close to the print-outs” Mitch said. For her, the color quality is really important as she needs her monitor to reproduce the exact hues she shot with her camera.

Mitch Mauricio

The PX2370 has also an LED-backlit monitor with 100% sRGB Color Reproduction that matches the colors as closely as possible from the source.  So, whether you’re viewing videos from an HD camcorder or photos from a simple digital camera, the sRGB support assures that the colors look as natural in the monitor as it did when you record a video or take some still photos.

As for Ton Lao who is looking for a perfect monitor to hook up to his MacBook Pro, the impressive 23-inch wide screen is the right choice for now. “With a bigger screen, I can edit photos better and it’s quite useful when presenting pegs to my clients,” he says.

Ton Lao

He added that the PX2370 will surely give a stylish impression in his office and home with its 16.5 mm profile and the elegant charcoal-gray finish that can fit in just about any space.

The Samsung PX2370 monitor also has a 1920x1080 Full HD resolution that yield the sharpest images.  It is also equipped with the MagicEco, a special feature, which allows you to work with 100%, 75%, or 50% brightness. By this, it makes you save a lot on energy and electric bills.  There’s also the MagicLux feature that measures the natural light and has settings that automatically adjust your screen to optimum brightness - basically an intensity sensor designed to reduce eyestrain.

So for Mitch Mauricio and Ton Lao, it is time to revolutionize their personal computing experience with the new Samsung PX2370. With Samsung PX2370, it is time to open up a new world of vibrant colors, spectacular details and dynamic contrast right at your desktop.


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