Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta

Who says restaurants don’t evolve? Ibayo which means “the next town” is the first off spring from the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants. Located at the San Miguel by the Bay at the SM Mall of Asia complex, this bistro spot is latest addition to the popular seaside restaurants in SM Mall of Asia.

Join me as I discover this cool place that offers nothing but the Philippines best delicacies.

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rachelle said...

My name is Rachelle, I am working at streetdirectory.com Singapore.
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May I ask permission to use your photos? Your blog's URL http://www.recyclebinofamiddlechild.com/
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Rachelle (webpage team)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Rachelle!

This is the Middle Child. I guess I can allow you to use my pictures as long as you agree with my conditions.

First, you will not alter or crop (take away my logo) on the picture/s that you'll use.

Second, you will send me EVERY LINK of EVERY PAGE where my picture/s will appear.

And third, yeah, you have to put my URL on those pages.


rachelle said...

Great ! Thank you so much ! I really appreciate it . Yes noted on that :D

Have a blessed day!