Sunsilk Co-Creations: Jerome Salaya Ang and Lyle Ibañez

And for the finale of the Sunsilk Co-Creations Philippine Fashion Week – Holiday 2010 Collection, Jerome Salaya Ang and Lyle Ibañez, two of the country’s top designers whose designs always give impact to its spectators showcased their talent with the inspiration from Sunsilk Straight & Sway. Their collection, it gave the whole Sunsilk Co-Creation Fashion Show a nice and fun purplish ending.

 What I like about their collection was the young and very brave approach to every piece. Adding the movement of the clothes and the shape that they gave to the women’s body, their entire collection gave that daring effect in a modern fashionable way. Some of the pieces may look unusual to some, but I think these “unusual pieces” made this whole collection a one of a kind.

Congrats to Jerome Salaya Ang and Lyle Ibañez!
And thank you for Sunsilk Co-Creations!

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