Sunsilk Co-Creations: Chris Diaz and Veejay Floresca

Just like the song title “Bring Me to Life”, Chris Diaz and Veejay Floresca brought life to Sunsilk Damage Repair with their great ensembles of orange. With their outstanding design aesthetics and broad creative mind, they came up with something deconstructed and unusual yet very wearable.

For me, this collection stood out among the rest of the presenters that night. I’m not a fan of orange, but when I saw the intricate details of every piece and how I felt that the two designers really enjoyed doing this collection, there was some kind of jubilant spark on it. I enjoyed their show as much as I enjoyed looking at their pieces. Really stunning, very elegant and very lively, this collection is something to watch out for - perfect for Philippine Fashion Week - Holiday 2010.

Congrats to Chris Diaz and Veejay Floresca for this exuberant collection!
And thank you for Sunsilk Co-Creations!

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nico said...

It's always exciting to see top designers in fighting form. Although around for a while, they don't fail to create impact every time. Thanks for the post.

dia said...

i like the men models..they all look hot!