Mean’s Little Asia Birthday!

It’s the birthday of one of my superfriends, Mean! And part of being a good friend is treating your friends on your birthday, right? Hehe.

Sadly, Bonsai wasn’t able join us that night because of her work. But nonetheless, the three of us headed to Tomas Morato area where we enjoyed one delectable night at Little Asia.

Since I’m quite familiar with Little Asia’s menu, I told them what are my favourites and from there, we browsed the whole menu as we finalized the dishes that we wanna have.

But before we dig in to our plates, since it’s our first time here in Little Asia Tomas Morato, we toured the place, and personally, I was amazed on how the intricate and unique details of this huge place were rightly placed on its four corners. 

We loved it. Here are some the pictures of our “tour”.

Mean the Birthday Girl!

When we arrived there, there were only 3 tables occupied on the first floor, so we kinda enjoyed every corner of the whole place.

Then after that interesting tour, we headed back to our table. 

On our table, our first dish was already set, a little appetizer called Little Asia’s Salad.

Little Asia’s Salad – Php185.00

This one was the birthday girl’s choice and we all liked it. The sweet dressing and the crispy lettuce was a really good appetite booster.

Next, for our main course, we ordered quite a lot. Hehe.
We had a chicken dish, a beef dish, a seafood dish, rice and some noodles.
But before that, we also had some interesting beverages, and these are Little Asia’s bestsellers.

Blueberry Banana Shake – Php115.00

Choco Peanut Banana – Php95.00

Four Seasons – Php95.00

Mean, the birthday girl, had the Blueberry Banana Shake, Ence had the Choco Peanut Banana, while the girly girIie me had the Four Season with umbrella! Lols. Cute!

Going back to our main dishes, for our chicken dish, we had Chicken Wrapped in Bacon.

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon – Php265.00

Unexpectedly, we loved this one, really! The big chunk of chicken inside the bacon was really yummy! Plus, the sauce was really great!

While for our beef dish, we had one of Little Asia’s pride and my personal favourite, Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese in Teriyaki Sauce.

Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese in Teriyaki Sauce – Php315.00

I’m glad that my two friends loved it, too! This is really a must-try when you visit Little Asia, and I’m assuring you that you’ll love this one, too!

For our seafood dish, we had the most colourful and most mouth-watering one, and we are all allergic to it, but we couldn’t resist it, the Spicy Prawns.

Spicy Prawns – Php355.00

Well, the combination of spiciness and the chewy prawns gave this dish some kick to me. And since I’m kinda allergic to seafood, I only had one prawn, but I enjoyed so much, a finger-licking good dish.

To complement these wonderful dishes, of course, as Pinoys, we ordered a large plate of rice – Yang Chow Fried Rice.
Yang Chow Fried Rice – Php225.00

Just like any Yang Chow, you’ll never get disappointed. Hehe. I just find it too oily, but other than that, it’s good.

And lastly, for longer life, we had some noodles, and the birthday girl suggested that we have Combination Chow Mien.

Combination Chow Mien – Php245.00

It tasted like a teriyaki noodle to me, so I didn’t find anything special about this one. Or maybe the taste of that chicken wrapped in bacon was still in my mouth that time that I didn’t get to enjoy this one.

We spent almost three hours there and we were so glad that despite of being there for that long - it was already past midnight - the staff were still so kind and nice and very, very accommodating.

Thank you Little Asia for this great experience! For sure, we’ll go back there!
And to you, Mean, my friend, happy, happy birthday! God bless you always! Muah!

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