Super Chef Dang’s Veggie Adobo

I love going to Supermarket, I love going over some food, and deciding which is which. And my favourite part of the supermarket, of course, the fruits and vegetable section. I love how they are wonderfully displayed. The nice vibrant mix of colors and the appetizing smell, I always feel healthy whenever I’m with them. Hehehe.

Ask what is my favourite supermarket? Of course, SM Supermarket/Hypermarket. Heheh. They have everything, almost! And it’s very convenient to shop there.

And so, last day, I had a wonderful chance to catch Chef Dang of SM Hypermarket's Super Chefs sharing an easy-to-do recipe – the Veggie Adobo.

I’m no good in cooking but I would love to learn some tricks. I usually spent my weekend at home and there’s nothing much to do. And if I learn some thing, like cooking, I think, that’ll be one of my greatest achievement in life. Hehehe.

So, this recipe that I learned from Chef Dang is so easy to do. In just 10 minutes of preparing and cooking, this will be a big hit. And for sure, your family or friends will admire you for this.

Here are the ingredients:

oyster sauce
soy sauce
cooking oil
string beans
corn starch

If you know how to cook Adobong Sitaw or Adobong Kangkong, this will be easy for you. You just add up some eggplants and tofu, and voila, you have this Veggie Adobo!

So, on how to cook this dish, here’s the instruction that I remember him telling us.

First, fry the tofu. Then put it aside as you cook the veggies. On a separate pan, put cooking oil and add the garlic. Toss the veggies, eggplant first, then the string beans, and last, the kangkong. Pour in some vinegar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and some seasoning; let it simmer for a while. Then add some water, salt and cornstarch. Sauté all the ingredient till the sauce thickens. Lastly, cut the tofu that you fried before into dice, and then toss it in with the veggies. And that’s it!

I know a lot of you are turning into some vegetable monsters, and I can blame you, people, I also love vegetables! And I hope that this simple recipe that I learn from Chef Dang adds something to your list of veggie diets!

And, oh, I liked it! The tofu’s crunch adds some texture to the typical Veggie Adobo.

According to Chef Dang, this dish is prepared for kids, so they’ll surely love it, too!
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Happy eating!

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I would like to thank sm hyper market sucat for possing mymemmory,,im so greatful..i hope ican visit sm hpermarket verry soon...and congrats to al the winner of master chef a years ago,,,