Good looking Chefs and Delicious Foods at SM Super Chefs

You know how hard it is to eat delicious food, right? Well, add these good looking chefs, I know that it is way too impossible not to eat a lot. I mean, hello, how you cannot eat their dishes, with just their smiles you’re already inspired to eat more. Lols.

Well, other than the Php100,000 worth of kitchen showcase that you can take home from winning the Super Chefs 2010 of SM Hypermarket, you’ll also get a chance to meet, greet and have some photo ops with these great chefs. The Super Chefs 2010 will also give you a chance to fly to Singapore with Chef Pau and have a glimpse of the mixed culture of that country.

Last day, hosted by Chef Tsitan Encarnacion, I was treated to an amazing afternoon as Chef Pau, Chef Caren and Chef Deejay cooked the three dishes that will qualify all aspiring Super Chefs to SM Hypermarket Super Chefs 2010.

Chef Pau Sia, Caren Yrastorza, Chef Deejay Santos and Chef Tristan Encarnacion

Chef Pau cooked a Menudo. And believe it or not, in less than 10 minutes, he’s already done! And when I tasted it, I liked it!


While, the only rose among the thorns, Chef Caren, as what Chef Tristan called her, cooked a Kaldereta. Well, she told us that used the layering way of cooking, so it’ll took two and half hours of cooking the dish. So for the demo, she only showed the proper way of cooking Kaldereta and she already prepared something cooked for all of us.  And since she’s a blogger herself (check out http://, she shared some tips on how to choose the right kind of meat, vegetables and how to cook “organically” if I may say so, this Kaldereta.


And lastly, Chef Deejay cooked two types of adobo for us. He knew very well how Filipinos love diversity, that’s why that day he prepared two kinds of adobo that we all loved. Well, who doesn’t love adobo, right?


It was one tummy-filling afternoon that I enjoyed.

And if you have an amazing adobo, kaldereta or menudo that can help you win the Super Chef title, well, check this blog ( for more details!

Good luck to all participants!

And thank you, SM Hypermarket!

I’ll share their recipes here in my blog soon!

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