Enjoy the Gift of Earth at Residence Inn Tagaytay

Unlike other hotels, Residence Inn in Tagaytay offers something for couples and families that you’ll surely enjoy. You’ll get closer to Mother Earth and at the same time, you’ll get even closer to your love ones.

I know some of you are wondering on how could you like relax in place like zoo. Here’s the thing, at the entrance of this hotel, some cute and interesting-to-touch animals will welcome you, so cute that you cannot resist having some pictures with them.

Inside the lobby, there are some caged reptiles and fishes that you’ll also encounter. I don’t like reptiles, really. But, heck, yeah, I wanna conquer my fear. So, I let the care taker rests the nine-foot (I think) snake on my shoulder and have a picture with it.

I was able to do it, one souvenir from this place that I will never forget. And I was so glad that the people at the lobby area were so nice assisting me.

As I pass along their cafe, there’s a big cage of lovebirds. I entered the caged and had a lovely time feeding them. Wish I can take some of them home. Hahah!

Inside the lot of the hotel was a mini zoo which houses to some wild and friendly animals. There was this old lion; I called him Alex the Lion just like the one from Madagascar. But this one was way older and kinda hot-tempered. He roared at me really loud when I’m taking picture of him and I got really scared. Hahaha!

There were also some sheep, spitting monkeys, crocodiles and tigers, which were snobbish that time.

And next, my favourite part, their rooms. Since we all know how animals can get noisy and all, the rooms in Residence Inn here in Tagaytay were a floor lower. Yeah, you read it right, a floor lower.

Two of the rooms available at residence Inn Tagaytay

Settled at the middle part of the Tagaytay Mountain were these rooms which are nicely designed that matches the wonderful view of Taal Volcano.

Every room has a unique animalistic theme that I enjoyed. And when I learned their rates, OMG, I know you’ll love to stay here too, even just for a night.

And I think the best about this place.... They serve Bulalo at their restaurant - one yummy Bulalo which is a must-have when you visit Tagaytay City.

 And lastly, here’s something to watch out for, especially for those thrill-seekers. They’re putting up a zipline at the tip of the mountain. So watch out for it! I hope I’ll get a chance to experience that too, soon!

I’ll never forget you, Residnce Inn!
Thanks for this wonderful experience!

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michelle said...

i miss this place! :D