Once is not enough at Zoobic Safari

If there’s one place that I wanna visit in Subic again, that’ll be the Zoobic Safari.

Zoobic Safari

Last Saturday, I and 19 other blogger s were invited to witness the closing ceremony of the One Big Green Park ceremony of the Zoomanity Group of Yupangco Group of Companies and the opening of the two newest attractions of Zoobic Safari – the Forbidden Cave and the Zoobic Cave.

I’m so excited to visit Zoobic Safari because it’ll be my first time to go there, and with 19 other bloggers, I knew it’ll be so much fun.

And so after some two-and-a-half hour drive from Manila, we arrived at Zoobic Safari at exactly 10 a.m. First, we had a nice breakfast at Café Montezuma. And from there, we were briefed on what’s in store for us the whole day. Fun, fun, fun!

To begin this exciting adventure, we were told to witness the short performance of their Zooper Pets.

Cute little puppies, a dog and the star of the day, Johnny the Ape took the center stage and showcased their amazing talents that really wowed their audience.

After that short performance, we were asked by our tour guide to follow her as she led us to out tram.

Our beautiful tram took us to the Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave.

These two “caves” were placed side by side and each has interesting features that fascinated me.

Inside the Zoobic Cave were real exotic stuffed animals that were place nicely in a forest-like setting where visitors can enjoy and be educated from these displays.

Zoobic Cave

While inside the Forbidden Cave were real exotic animals. The exterior of the cave was really nice.  A waterfall served as a curtain to the entrance of the cave and the inside were some other surprises that will make you scream. I did! Haha!

Forbidden Cave

After we explored the two new attractions of Zoobic Safari, our tour guide took us the backyard where little Boy Scouts were ready for some digging.

One Big Green Park Closing Ceremony

It was the culmination of the successful One Big Green Park – an Earth Day activity in where the Zoomanity Group of Yupangco Group of Companies will plant 10,000 plants this year to save our planet and restore its natural beauty. Good job, guys! Congrats!

After some fun, dirty and earthy stuff, we’re now off to our Zoobic Safari tour! Wee!

First stop, the most exciting part, The Tiger Safari!

Tiger Safari

It was my first encounter with these gigantic tiger. They were all scary up close, really. But when the Tiger Safari tour guide put out his hand with raw chicken, the tiger kindly moved closer to our safari jeep to eat the food that was offered to him/her. Waaaah! I wanna have a tiger now!

We spent about 10 minutes inside this area, eating dust and learning some stuff about tigers, so I think, it’s fair enough. Plus, that Saturday, there are a lot of people in Zoobic Safari, so we kinda gave them chance to enjoy the place too. Hahaha!

That was one tiring and kinda scary activity, good thing that right beside the Tiger Safari area was the Tiger Café where they sell souvenir stuff and some refreshments. Whew!

Let me remind you, that when you plan to go inside the Tiger Safari area, bring something to cover you face because the dusts went off like crazy, so be prepared.

After Tiger Safari, we were transported to Savannah!

Savannah houses some of the poultry and livestock animals of Zoobic Safari.

And if you ask me if I enjoyed this part: No, I didn’t!

Well, not really! Hahaha!
It’s just that this ostrich here wants to eat me alive. Lols.

 I officially hate ostriches now. :-P
Apparently, they don’t like bright colors. So if you’re planning to visit this area here, DON’T WEAR ANYTHING BRIGHT! Or else!

After that traumatizing Savannah visit, we went off to Croco Loco.

Croco Loco

This place houses like hundreds of this filthy reptiles who know nothing but to eat. Hahah!

I thought that the time we went there, which was around 12 noon, they were having their afternoon nap. But the moment we threw the raw chickens that we bought at the entrance, their huge mouth opened wide and snapped the hanging chickens. Ooooh, I hate crocodiles, really.  Or any reptiles, that is.

At the end of this short trail was the Croco Café where you can buy some souvenir stuff too.

Croco Cafe

Right after the Croco Loco adventure, we were hurried back to the Close Encounter where we had a chance to have a picture with the Siberian tiger named Icy. Wee!

Oh, she’s so adorable, but very “matakaw”. Hehe. I’m glad that we had this kind of souvenir from this place.

Right after some rest and refreshments, again, we travelled to our next stop by foot.

First, we took the road to Zoobic Park.

Zoobic Park

Then to the Turtle Colony.

Turtle Colony

Unfortunately, the turtles were in hiding, maybe because of the heat.

Then, we went to Serpentarium.


Again, I don’t like reptiles, so I didn’t spent much time in here.

And the last stop of our tour was the eating part.

We had lunch courtesy of Safari Grill Buho Specials! Wee!

Safari Grill Buho Specials

This was one of the best out of town trips I’ve had so far for the year 2010. Despite of the tremendous heat, I really enjoyed this trip with these animals and the wonderful place of Zoobic Safari.

Thank you, Zoobic Safari for the very nice accommodation! I really enjoyed everything.

I’m sure that I’ll be back there soon; I wanna enjoy the place on a cooler weather.

Now, I feel like Kuya Kim now. Hehehe.

Zoobic Safari
Group I, Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
(047) 252-2272

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