Winema: Bringing Cinema Experience to New Heights

I’m a part of media-production company for quite some time now and appreciating art through films and TV series is something that’s been ruling my life. And now with the development of high-tech entertainment, 3-D and 4-D movie stuff, this newest addition to cinema entertainment will surely rock our world.

Presenting the first and only interactive cinema in the country – the SM Cinema’s Winema!

Winema which stands for We Interact with the Cinema is an SM Cinema’s latest achievement of creating bond for families and friends who loves watching movies in theatres. This idea goes with the SM Cinema’s brand personality which is young, fun and interactive. It also aims to unite its movie audience with one unique concept.

I was one of the firsts who tried this SM Cinema’s latest addition to cinema’s attraction that all of us, their patrons, will surely enjoy.

The two cool games that we played that night were Boink Out and Power Catcher.

Boink Out is like the Arkanoid Game where the players-movie goers have to catch the ball to hit or break the bricks in order to win. While the more challenging game, which was the Power Catcher, has almost the same game rule but harder because the thrower moves really fast, but gives more fun and excitement to all the players.

These two games will surely put you at ease and adds fun in your movie-watching experience.

Boink Out

Power Catcher

Winema games able to detect multiple physical movements from the movie crowd through its Tolerance Factor. It will follow the summation of the group’s physical movements.

In this games, 80% of the people directed to the right, then the game character will as well. With the strict programming of this aspect of the game and the large number of participants, the possibly of the program getting “confused” will be insignificant. 

Audience that gets to beat the high score will receive a prize for each audience member. And since we were the first one who tried it and scored the highest, we won a prize! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Winema was first launched at SM Digital Theaters in SM Megamall Cinema 1. In a few months, it will be available in other SM Cinema’s country wide.

Thank you SM Cinema for this wonderful addition to movie watching experience!


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