One Big Green Park for the Philippines

Last Friday, I was invited to witness and to participate in the tree-planting project of Zoomanity Group of Yupangco Group of Companies at Paradizoo Theme Farm at Tagaytay City.

I brought my niece Nicole along with me, and that was our first visit to that place.

I didn’t expect that that was such a wonderful place. It is almost like the Baluarte of Chavit Singson in Vigan City, only with vegetable and flower gardens which fits perfectly well for Tagaytay’s cool climate.

Nicole is a girl scout herself, and seeing those young boys and girls taking their part in protecting and loving our Mother Earth was a really good scene for her to witness. I’m really glad that I brought her along with me.

As we arrived at Paradizoo around 8am, the Boy and Girl Scout of the Philippines were already up and ready for that day’s event, which was tree planting. I haven’t planted anything for ages and being a part of something like this was really something that delights my heart.

A mini program was held, headed by the Zoomanity Group, for some exercise and info sharing about Mother Earth. And then there were some talk from local officials, one from Mendez, Cavite Mayor Hon. Manuel L. Romera who’s a nature lover and a farmer himself.

After that small program, the Boy and Girl Scouts of the Philippines led the way to the trail where we were going to plant our soon-to-be trees.

I got a rambutan plant myself. Though the soil was really dry that day due to scorching hot sunlight, we tried our best to do our part and participated in this ground breaking activity towards having One Big Green Park.


We really had a fun time digging up soil and singing some local songs like “Magtanim ay di brio”. Hehehe.

After the tree planting part, the Zoomanity Group was really accommodating that they ushered us to a tour inside the farm.

Since, the place was still under development we still saw some brown patches around. But I also saw that the development was really quick and very harmonious – harmonious to all the living things there.

I was amazed that even with the El Nino season, they managed to have a vegetable garden where fruit bearing plants were ready for harvesting.

There were also some local colourful flowers that you can see inside the farm. Me likey everything here.


They also took us to their Butterfly and Bee's Kingdom where we sat and rest while listening to one of their staff sharing some information about the life cycle of bees and butterflies.

And I’m so happy to see that my niece was listening attentively to the guy.

And I’m so happy too because I got some nice macro shots of beautiful local butterflies there. Wee!

And after some refreshments, they took us to their farm animals where we saw Bull-tes V (from the famous cartoon show Voltes V) – the cow with five legs.

He’s nice and wasn’t scared to people, though when we were there, he’s busy having his lunch so we didn’t bother him. Hehehe.

We also saw some white goats, camels, sheep and many more.

And as we were trolling inside the farm, I saw this:

And it really melted my heart knowing how they value animals dead or alive. According to our guide, if we have dead pets, we can bury them here, to give some righteous last respects.

Our Earth Day activity didn’t end here.

The Zoomanity group also took us to Residence Inn – Tagaytay where we can have a close encounter with some wild animals. So that’s something to look forward here in my site.

For now, thank you for reading and Happy Earth day!

Thanks too to the Zoomanity Group of Yupangco Group of Companies for this very heart-warming activity. May your dreams and my dreams of restoring the beauty of the planet and having a One Big Green Park come true!

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