A Quick Trip to Shanghai

It was my mother’s birthday and knowing my mother, she doesn’t want any party at all! For ages, all she wants on her birthdays is nothing but a simple dinner, at home! With her home-cooked meals and all of us dining together. Jeez!

I have nothing against her idea of a birthday celebration; I love her home-cooked meals… BUT COME ON!

I dunno what’s with old people that when their birthday comes, as much as possible no celebration will be happening.

Now, I’m scared that I might be like her when I get old. Oh, God forbid!

Oh, well, since I’m a middle child, disobeying my parents is my hobby! Hahaha!
And birthdays are no exception!

I know my mother really well. I know how to make her sad or mad, and I know how make her happy, and that’s what I did on her birthday. Hehehe.

Since, we’ve been celebrating her birthday at home with her home cooked meal since Pangaea era; I twisted something about “her” idea of a “birthday celebration “

I didn’t give her any money to buy food on her birthday, nor greeted her on her birthday. In fact, I wasn’t even at home. Hahaha! Middle child, right?

Well, I wasn’t that rude, come on! I was at home by 6 p.m. with a little surprise, of course. Hehe.

I know that she likes Chinese food. Actually, every time the three of us, my mother, my father and me, dine out, we always go to Chinese restaurants, actually, they always drag me to Chinese restaurant.

But on that day, on my mother’s special day, I changed that old habit a little.

Since, both of them are Chinese food lovers, I brought them to Shanghai. Hehehe.

Bought them Shanghai Bistro, I mean. :-P

Located at the mezzanine floor of Paseo de Roxas Center in Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, this Chinese-inspired restaurant offers nothing but the best of Shanghai.

At first, I was quite hesitant to order here because when I came to their place at around 4 p.m. the place was deserted. I mean no customer at all!

But then, I realized that it was Saturday, and most of the offices around the place are Monday to Friday companies, so no wonder it was deserted. And because I was the only customer that time, I have it all to appreciate.

But still I was a little nervous, so at first I just ordered something simple, a soup, to check if the taste is okay. I ordered Seafood Bean Curd Soup.

Seafood Bean Curd Soup – Php80.00 (person) / Php255.00 (for sharing)

The prices on their menu are quite affordable, I think. And when my order came, it is indeed reasonable. They served my soup hot, really hot in a big cup. The aroma was really nice and as I take my first sip of the soup, though still hot, I knew that my parents, especially my mom, will love having this on her birthday.

That Php80.00 soup convinced me fully because as dig deeper, I saw a lot of seafood in it. With this alone, I’m already satisfied. Actually, I think when you try ordering this kind in a other fine-dining restaurants, it will cost you maybe around Php300.00.

So, with that little satisfaction I felt, I asked for the complete menu and ordered something that I believe my mom would love.

I ordered a chicken dish, a beef dish, a seafood dish and a noodle dish, of course, for long life. :-P

For the chicken dish, I ordered Drunken Chicken.

 Drunken Chicken – Php500.00 (whole) / Php250.00 (half)

For the beef dish, my mom loves beef cooked the Chinese way, so I ordered Fried Beef Ho Fan.

 Fried Beef Ho Fan – Php190.00

For the seafood dish, I asked for Crispy Shrimp with Mayonnaise.

 Crispy Shrimp with Mayonnaise – Php330.00

And for the long-life dish, I had Fried Rice Noodles - Country Style.

Fried Rice Noodles - Country Style – Php180.00

As I open our door, my mom was on the couch watching TV. I sensed that she was sad, but when she saw the bags where my surprise was, her face glowed with delight and thanks. Oh… My heart always jumps when I see my mother smile.

I greeted her happy birthday and showed her the “pasalubong” that I have for her on her birthday.

She liked the Crispy Shrimp with Mayonnaise and the Fried Beef Ho Fan. She had like three plates of it. Hahaha!

My father liked the Drunken Chicken. The Drunken Chicken comes with green ginger that tasted sweet and complements with the chicken really, really well. It is one of my favourite, too.

But my most favourite, aside from the soup that I had earlier, was the Fried Rice Noodles – Country Style. I felt like I am Kim Chiu in Shanghai, China while eating it. Hahahaha! The sweet taste of the rice noodles made more delicious by the orange sauce that was mixed with it. Perfect! It was really, “nakakabusog”.

Since, the servings of every dish was big, she had a lot to share for everybody. That includes my cousins, my nieces and aunts, who joined us and enjoyed Shanghai dishes at the comfort of our home sweet home.


Happy birthday, Ma!

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aMgiNe said...

exciting ang bday ni mommy ah mejo pinagtampo mo lang ng konti. tapos tska mo sinurprise ng bonggang bongga! thoughtful ha. :)