Dieting without even feeling it.

Last Monday, I saw an old picture of mine. It was from my first trip at Puerto Galera two years ago with my high school friends.

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw that picture was, OMG, I was really skinny back then! How I wish I could turn back time and have that figure again.

I remember when I went to Enchanted Kingdom last month, they have this new attraction, the Bungee Fun, and I really wanted to try it but the operator of the machine told me that their machine was wonky that time and the maximum weight that it can carry was 150lbs only. And since I don’t feel like that heavy, I held my chin up and said that “No, I don’t weigh that much. The machine can still carry me.” I was really eager to try that ride. Unfortunately, they have a weighing scale, and the operator told me to step up and measure my weigh, to my surprise, the scale read 160lbs. FLAT 160 POUNDS! And then I died. Hahahah!

Seriously, I was so shocked to read that from that scale. Much to my disappointment that I weigh 160 POUNDS, I cannot try Bungee Fun! Waaaaaaah!

I was really disappointed. Disappointed to that weighing scale, which I thought was wonky too, disappointed to that Bungee Jump machine, which was on its first presentation to public was wonky and disappointed to myself for eating too much and now worrying about my weight. Because, honestly, I don’t feel that heavy!

And so I didn’t enjoy that Enchanted Kingdom day.

And from that day on, I started lessening my food intake and started doing exercise, 1 to 2 hours a day.

And to be frank with you all, it’ really hard!!! Sooooo hard. I was at that point where I really love eating rice, and knowing rice as one of the food that made us all heavy, it’s so hard to resist it especially when you have Sinigang na Baboy with it.

Thankfully, one day, I spent a day in my aunt’s place, and my aunt who barely cooks because she’s always alone. So that day when I stayed there, I was left nothing but a box of Becky’s Kitchen brownies.

I thought me who just woke up and very, very hungry can eat all 10 pieces of those chocolate brownies, but I was wrong.

It was delicious. Actually, Becky’s Kitchen's chocolate brownie is one of my favourite brownies in town, but I dunno what happened, with just a piece of that made me feel full already. I was really glad to realize that I can feel full with just a piece of brownie.

With that, I discovered something, by just having one chocolate brownie; I can start loosing weigh without even starving myself that much. Plus, since it is chocolate brownie, I would feel sad, even by just eating one piece of it in exchange of one complete meal. Wee!

So since then, I had this brownie diet, dieting without even feeling it!

Summer is hot, fun and sexy!

See you at the beach!

Becky's Kitchen
1061 P. Ocampo (fromerly Vito Cruz) cor Bautista Sts., Singalong. Manila
(02)525-1648 / (02)523-4245

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jamie said...

diet wrecker talaga ang beckys. at ang taray ha tinarayan mo pa talaga ung operator. hehe