My First Isaw from U.P.'s Mang Larry

Right after the 6th Philippine iBlog Summit which was held at the Malcolm Theatre at the College of Law of University of the Philippines last Saturday, I and my fellow bloggers, had an “after party” in one of the university’s popular hangout place,  Mang Larry’s Isawan.

Isaw is a grilled chicken or pig intestine which is very popular inside the university. And last Saturday was my first time to try Mang Larry’s Isaw.

I eat street food but I barely eat this kind of street food. First, I’m allergic to chicken and second, I’m afraid to eat street food from someplace and from someone I barely know. But since Mang Larry’s Isaw has set its name to the street food industry and is very popular not just in the whole campus but all over the country, I took the courage to have some and enjoy an after-party chit-chat with my fellow bloggers.

Prices are ranging from Php3.00 to Php8.00 and they are selling from isaw to barbeque.

I was a little worried when I gave to the lady in charge of taking orders my orders, but when I see their food closely and smelled it, my worries were kinda washed away and I became excited to eat as I hear my name being called from their speakers to get my orders.

I ordered 2 Chicken Isaw, 2 Pig Isaw and a bottle of C2 and it cost me Php39.00 all in all.

 After some few minutes, the guy who as I recognized was Mang Larry himself called out my name and gave me my order. He then told me to go to the other side of his stall to get my “sawsawan”.


As I dipped my freshly grilled Isaw, the wonderful atmosphere of the surrounding gave me a wonderful feeling, a relaxing one.

The isaw tasted really good. I think the “sawsawan” made it really good, because the sweetness of the black liquid, which I think is oyster sauce, and the sourness of the vinegar were mixed really well. No wonder this is one of the campus’ favourites and no wonder why alumni and U.P. visitors always make it a habit to drop by in any of Mang Larry’s Isawan. Truly, one of the university’s prides!

Pig Intestine - Php3.00/piece

Chicken Intestine - Php3.00/piece

Adding up a cool group of people who had a great time bonding, this experience was, for me, a memorable one.

Now, I wonder how many Mang Larry’s Isawan are there in U.P. campus. The one where we ate was cart number 11, which means that there’s 10 more carts inside the campus, right? Or 20 more or 30more?

Jeez, Mang Larry is a rich man! Hahaha!

So for those who haven’t tried Mang Larry’s Isaw, feel free to visit University of the Philippines – Diliman and have a taste of not just a university’s pride but a country’s pride.


gneth said...

haven't taste mang larry's isaw, sana inuwian mo ko heheheh

mura lang ung price nung isaw nya ah

Anonymous said...

I think cart number isn't about how maNy carts mang Larry has. it is the cart number out of the numbers of cart that is authoriEd and regstered in UpD... rhe same way UP shopping cnter numbers their stalls.