I love Enchanted Kingdom more now that it has Biki Waterworld!

Last Sunday, I took my two nieces Nicole and Nickaella with me to the press launch of Enchanted Kingdom’s Biki Waterworld. It was a bright sunny day joined by Miss Earth - Philippines candidates and the managements of Enchanted Kingdom and Biki Waterworld.

As we got off the bus, my nieces cannot control their excitement. They ran towards the entrance of Enchanted Kingdom’s Biki Waterworld to show me closer those amazing inflatable swimming pools that were set up for this amazing EK’s newest attraction. And to be frank with you all, even I felt the excitement and want to try those swimming pools that moment when I saw them closely.


To formally open this wonderful attraction, a mass was held followed by the ribbon cutting which was lead by the group of Enchanted Kingdom and EK Biki Waterworld.

I and my two nieces also enjoyed the sumptuous lunch prepared to us. And as we were enjoying our lunch; a spectacular dance number was presented to us by Enchanted Kingdom’s pool of talents.

It was like being on a set of a 1980’s movie, with those singing and dancing all over the place. One great number, congrats, guys!

After that, they told us that we can now enjoy the whole place! Wee!

But since, the sun was too high and I don’t want my nieces get sunburned, I told them to let us spend first some few hours in the park and hit some rides where we can test their endurance and courage.

And they both agreed. THANK GOD! Kids are so hard to convince sometimes when they see swimming pools. Lols.

To build the fun excitement to these two kids, I first took them to the 4D where the flick Adventures of Dora and Diego was shown. It was my first time to see a 4D flick and it was their first time too. And on behalf of my two nieces, I’m giving this flick a two-thumbs-up rate. We really had a great time watching Dora, especially Nickaella who is a big fan of that show.

Next, we went and saw Speed Racer at Rialto. I noticed that they got a little nervous when they heard me saying to hold on the grip tight because the chairs are moving. But when the flick started and the chairs started moving, I saw smiles on their faces. They seemed to enjoy how the shows and chairs that were moving.

Then next, it’s about time to test their courage as we went to Wheel of Fate, Enchanted Kingdom’s Ferris wheel. I thought they’ll be scared, but I WAS WRONG! I’m the one who was scared of height! My gosh! That was really high! My hands were shaking as I took photos of them and the whole lot of Enchanted Kingdom. Hahahaha!


After that exhausting ride (at least, for me), I asked the girls to just stroll around the park for a moment. And here are the pictures of us all over the place.

I had a tripod with me, additional burden to carry other than chasing little girls running inside the park like some wild animals in Safari.

After that what-I-thought-would-be-a-relaxing moment, the girls and I had some hot air balloon ride.

Now, this is what I’m talking about. As the ride keeps spinning and spinning, these two little girls told me that they’re kinda feeling light headed. Hahaha!

Then after the Up, Up and Away ride, I took them to the grand carousel, another spinning ride. Hahaha!

And since it was already 4pm that time, and we weren’t allowed to ride the Flying Fiesta because Nickaella was still little, and before they puke all over the place, I carried them back to Biki Waterworld for us to freshen up a little and enjoy the place while it was still unpopulated.


There are rules inside the waterworld and one of them is to wear a swimming cap. I think for sanitation purposes since the water inside the pools are not running.

The inflatable swimming pools were really great. How I wish I could take one home. Hahaha!

The girls enjoyed sliding and dipping in four different pools while playing with other kids. It was really fun for me to see my little nieces playing along with other kids and enjoying their life. They deserve one great vacation for being one of the top pupils on their respective classes.

As for me, I finally got some time to relax and enjoy the colourful place of Biki Waterworld. I think this is really a great idea, adding a “somehow” resort to this world-class theme park. Excitement, fun and relaxation in one place, perfect!

As the sun set, I asked the girls to take a shower and prepare for dinner, we had our dinner back in the theme park.

And after dinner, since it was still a little early, we strolled around the park again. We saw that the Roller Skater was empty. It’s a smaller version of Space Shuttle. So, we took the chance and tried it. Since there were only three of us there, and the operator didn’t allow a little one to ride without an elder companion, I first took Nickaella with me.

Oh, the look on her face when the ride took off. She was shocked, really shocked! Hahahaa! So I held her tight to make sure that she wouldn’t jump or anything, then as our ride stopped, her face was still shocked. She saw me laughing at her, so her reaction changed and then laughed with me too. Hahaha! I think she was not prepared for that one. Hahaha!

But then, she told that she wanna try it again.. What a brave girl! Hahaha!

But it was Nicole’s turn, and same as Nickaella, she was shocked and all, and then as the ride finished its turn, she wants to try it again. Hahah!

I had four turns of that ride, two rides for each of them. They really, really enjoyed this one!

And as the clock ticked and it’s time to bid our goodbyes to Enchanted Kingdom, we took some final shots on our way out and promised to return when Nickaella gets taller and bigger.

Thank you, Enchanted Kingdom and Biki Waterworld for a very wonderful Sunday!

From April 18-30, enjoy EK Biki Waterworld’s pre-grand opening promo rate of only P250 per person. Starting May 1, 2010 admission rate is P350. You can also enjoy a “twicket” (twin ticket) of an EK Good-Same-Day and EK Biki Waterworld Regular Passes for only P700 from May 1until June 6, 2010.

From April 19 to 23, 2010, EK Biki Waterworld will be open 11:00AM to 9:00PM.

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thetamedmaldita said...

wow friendship! i could see that your nieces enjoyed so so much!!! thanks for sharing!!! grabe, definitely when we go back home, pupunta kami dito!! nakakatuwa naman andaming nabago sa EK! nakakaexcite yang biki world na yan. pero definitely, di na ko sasakay sa space shuttle :)