Kids’ Earth Hour: Who says kids can’t be responsible?

Last Saturday at the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig, in cooperation with Sustagen, Timex and Bonifacio High Street, adults and kids alike participated to the most successful, light-switching-off event of the year, the EARTH HOUR

Adults and KIDS alike, joined forces in turning off lights and saved energy for an hour.

While there was a also a program happening at the other side of Bonifacio High Street, a program which was co-sponsored by Timex and Miss Earth Beauty Pageant, for the celebration of Earth Hour, there was also a program happening simultaneously  which was just for kids.

The two programs which were happening for the celebration of the Earth Hour, 8:30pm to 9:00 pm - March 27, gave their own share in preserving energy and giving Mother Earth a chance to cool down for an hour from all the energy she’s receiving from her inhabitants -- US, humans.

While waiting for the exact time, I saw on the ADULT SIDE that their program was attended by beautiful ladies from all over the world courtesy of Miss Earth, press people from small and big media companies, and as well as some other private companies who didn’t hesitate in making this world-wide event possible and successful.

While on the KIDS SIDE, parents and guardians enlisted their kids to join the whole Sustagen gang in celebrating Kids Earth Hour. Waiting for them were fun activities and toys where kids can loiter and have fun in the middle of darkness. I also saw that there was also a wide screen for a film showing. I believe this has something to do with teaching the kids on how to save energy and help Mother Earth.

And so as the clock ticked at 8:30pm, lights we shut down, countdown began and the programs for adults and kids started.

On the adults’ side, led by the beauties of Miss Earth lighted some candles on the stage as an acoustic presentation started to fill their side with heart-warming, good music -- an enjoyable night where everyone appreciated the beauty of darkness. Thank God, the sky was clear that Saturday night and the beautiful twinkling stars added romance and sweetness to this whole event.

As for the Kids’ side, they were given colourful lighting sticks which they can enjoy while listening to the story telling led by the Sustagen Team. The stories that were told to the kids had something to do with the importance of saving energy and keeping our environment clean and safe. There was also a film showing which depicted Earth-related issues. And then, other had a fun time climbing, jumping and running inside the playpen. This was really great, I suppose, because this had been a fun way to keep the children in touch with what’s happening around them, to be responsible, and a great way for them to enjoy darkness and participate in this wonderful event.

Congratulation to the organizers of these events! Happy Earth Hour!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alex, These are excellent pictures. You are a gifted photographer! My favorites are of the ones you took of the glow sticks. Judd Salas