Bora in Manila: The Nestea Fit Camp Hot Send-off Party

It was just a day before the Holy Week starts as Nestea Fit  held a party to announce the winners in some of  the activities of the very successful Nestea Fit Camp Hot, and to send-off the finalists to their search for the first ever Nestea Fit ambassadors.

I had a great time attending this event at Encore Superclub at The Fort, first, because the night was filled with outstanding presentations and hot campers who were dressed in their stunning red and white ensembles.

with my girl friends

First off, since the event started in time with the country’s celebration of Earth Hour, lights were turned off to save energy, but attendees weren’t bored to death in the dark as Philippine Idol’s Kid Camaya filled the exciting night with some good music.

I didn’t thought that he sounded this great because when I saw him before on TV I thought that he just sounded okay. But in person, uh-uh, he sounded terrific. No wonder he’s one of the finalists of Philippine Idol. And gosh, he’s cute in person! Hahaha!

We were also treated to some free drink courtesy of Nestea Fit Camp Hot. I had Bora de Lychee, nice!

After some minutes of listening to Kid’s number, lights were brought back and the voices of DJ’s Trina and Slide filled the room with more fun and excitement as they announced the winners of every activities and who will be going with them in Boracay -- where the final leg of Nestea Fit Camp Hot will be happening.

DJs Slide and Trina

They also announces the 10 lucky camp hotties who will be joining with them in Boracay!

Camp Hottie Finalists

After announcing the winners, which delighted all the attendees and guests, “my new idol” in dancing and one of the country’s pride performed an showcased their talent – the Philippine All-Star.

Whew! That was one hot number! I love Philippine All-Star! You rock, guys!

Nestea Fit endorsers were also present at the event.

And since everyone was turned on to the dancing prowess of Philippine All-Star, and as the party animal in us creped out, the Bora in Manila party started!

Oh, hell, yeah! Everything was hot! The music, the campers and the dancing as everyone booty-shake and jumped to the amazing music of Encore Superclub.

And before my camera was held-up by the securities due to some “BS” house rules, here are the pictures that I capturedt. Enjoy!

More pictures here!

This Bora in Manila party... THE BEST! I just wish that I could come with them in Boracay to share to you all the latest happening there.

But since then, this whole Nestea Fit Camp Hot in Manila was so far one of the best summer activities that I had for years! I love it!

See you all again next year, I hope!
Let’s keep fit, beautiful and rockin’,  y’all!

Happy summer! Enjoy!