Cocktales: Your Partner this El Nino Season

The effect of El Nino is really unbearable. The scorching heat of the sunlight in the morning really gives me a headache. Adding up the heavy traffic that you’ll encounter along the way.... TOTAL CHAOS!

Thank goodness that there’s Cocktales! Whoopee! 

An amazing store that offers wonderful cool desserts that will surely cool you down and the tropical flavours that will remind you that summer is the best season of the year.

I stumbled upon this store at SM Megamall – located at the 5th floor of the Atrium section – this dessert island will give you an impression that what they are selling is expensive, BUT IT’S NOT!

I’m delighted to know that their prices are reasonable and the sizes of their servings are really perfect for the price. You’ll just keep coming back, believe me!

But first, let me commend them on their very beautiful interior. The shabby yet seductive look of the whole store stands out amongst the other dessert stores in SM Megamall Atrium.

The sexy red color of the store, the functional but chic interior pieces and the mood will set your mood for some sexy dessert. And also, when you see their menu, you’ll be amazed at those wonderful pictures and unknowingly just stares at them. Hehe.

So, okay, here’s what I had when I visited this tropical dessert heaven. Their drinks are tropical fruit smoothie, cocktail style, hence comes their name Cocktales. Most of their drinks have alcohol content, but if you want a non-alcoholic drink, don’t worry because they can offer you something that’s friendly. 

First, I had Mango Daiquiri.

Mango Daiquiri – Php75.00 / Php115.00 spiked

Mango Daiquiri is a fresh mango smoothie with rum and tapioca balls, I had it spiked.  I love the sweet taste of ripe mango; it really refreshed my mood and put me at ease. Their tapioca balls were cooked really well too, which I think made this drink more fun to drink. And the rum, which I tasted when I reached the bottom of my drink, added excitement to the whole drink. But don’t worry it will not get you drunk or upsets your palette, everything was combined really well.

Their glasses and utensils were also great!

My colleagues had these drinks which I find pleasing to drink, too.

PiƱa Colada – Php75.00 / Php115.00 spiked

Watermelon Mojito – Php75.00 / Php115.00 spiked

Kiwi Lassi - Php150.00/Php95.00 spiked

Vanilla Lychee Margarita – Php100.00 / Php145.00 spiked

Silk Skin – Php75.00 – Php115.00 spiked

And there’s Blended Yogurt Smoothies, too. They are perfect for those yogurt lovers like me!

Tropical Fruits in Season – Php75.00
Premium Fruits in Season – Php145.00

But before we proceed to those mouth-watering desserts, let me tell you first that Cocktales is now offering some decent meals. 

I had their Classic Carbonara. I think a little adjustment to this dish is really needed, but nonetheless it’s edible.

Classic Carbonara – Php150.00 / Php225.00 sharing

My colleagues had some rice meals which are perfect for big eaters and rice lovers. They offered us their Spainish/Mexican-inspired dishes.

Savory Callos with Rice – Php160.00 single / Php230.00 set meal

Chicken Curry with Rice – Php99.00 single / Php175.00 set meal

Beef Lengua – Php195.00 single / Php265.00 set meal

And now, here’s the “desserts like no other” part.

Everything looks so great and really delicious, too bad that I just have one stomach, and having them all will surely give me stomach ache. Hehehe. But if given a chance, without any meals the whole day, I think I can have 3 big bowls of these luscious desserts.  Hehehe.

Well, for now, I had Jekyll & Hyde. Hehe. From the famous character Dr. Jekyll & Miss Hyde, I think this dessert gave justice to the name.

Jekyll & Hyde – Php120.00 / Php180.00 for sharing

The combination of the sweet mellow melon and the kinda sour strawberry challenged my palette -- a Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde attitude indeed -- but at the same time, this dish excites me because the chewy tapioca balls added some fun while eating this dish and the delicious ice cream at the bottom covered with crushed ice was simply nice.

I liked it!

I also got a little taste of Beauty Boost. I’m sure ladies would love to have this for dessert.

Beauty Boost – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

The difference I think with the first one that I had was this dish was more soft or mellow to my taste. A really nice combination of papaya, gelatine, tapioca balls and those big white tapioca-like rice balls which were very chewy.

Mango Bananarama – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

I also got a chance to taste this one, though, I still prefer the first one that I had, the thing about this dish was that the banana over tasted the rest of the fruits, which I kinda don’t like. That’s one thing that I don’t like about bananas, the taste of it kinda stuck to your palette.

My colleagues had these for their dessert. The colors were feast-like, I love taking photos of them!

Scarlet Red – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

The Ultimate Tropical Dessert – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

Hurricane – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

Mango Cosmo – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

Autumn Breeze – Php120.00 – Php180.00 for sharing

One thing that I like about their dessert is that they use fresh fruits. They took time to prepare your orders but you’ll be assured that what you’re having are really fresh. But with those prices, everything was fine. I think that even those single-serve desserts can still be good for two persons, because they serve them in really big bowls with big chunks of fruits, so if you ordered those ‘for sharing’, I think three to four persons can benefit from it and still enjoy eating it.

With the scorching hot weather caused by El Nino, it is best to take some time to breathe and relax. And the best way to do it is to hang out at Cocktales, and experience desserts like no others.

5th Level SM Megamall – Atrium
Mandaluyong City

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