Because she’s graduating…

She treated us in advance! Wee!

I’m so proud of you my dear friend! Congratulations in advance!

Last Friday, since it’s a holiday, I and my superfriends, Mean and Ence had our usual dinner/night-out at Robinson’s Place Manila. We met at usual meeting place at around 6pm, and as we gathered there, Ence blurted out that she’ll be graduating this March from the Lyceum College of Law! Wee!

Oh, we really jumped for joy after hearing this very great news. We’ve been praying for this, and now that it is finally confirmed, we all so happy. I’m so happy for my friend, really.

And so, with big smiles plastered on our faces, we headed to Robinson’s. It was also Ence’s plan to buy a new bag for her review class which will be starting this week, and I also planned to buy a headphone, so that I can listen to songs at night from my laptop without disturbing my parents. Hehehe.

So, as we stepped out of our meeting place, we hailed a cab and off we went to Robinson’s Place Manila.

First, we bought my headphone at CD-R King, then Mean bought some new straps for her beloved Techno Marine watch, and finally, Ence bought a new school bag from Bratpack

We all got very hungry, so it was time for Ence’s treat! Whoopee!

She took us to Gumbo, one of our favourite restaurants in Robinson’s Place. We love their spicy Jambalaya, really.

There, we ordered a regular size Baby Back Ribs with corn in the cob and mashed potatoes, one grande size spicy Jambalaya, one 14-inch Meat Lovers Pizza, and three glasses of frozen margarita – ladies drink of course. Lols.

And before our orders arrived, since Gumbo has this Mardi gras theme, we borrowed their head costumes and played around with it together with our camera. Here are the shots!

After some minutes, our food came:

So as the simple yet so happy celebration followed.

My bad, because I'm so hungry, too, I didn't notice that I have no shot of that pizza. Hehehe.

Congratulations, Ence!
Happy graduation! May you top the 2010 Bar Exam! ;-)
I'll keep praying for you! Muah!
Group hug!!!

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