Bigoli for Big Appetite

Located at the 2nd floor of the newly renovated SM City North EDSA, The Annex, where fancy and great looking restaurants are lined up for a wonderful gastronomic experience, settled a promising restaurant that’s targeting for big eaters – The Ristorante Bogoli.

This is their second branch, their first one is in Trinoma Mall, I’d say that I prefer dining in this branch because of the ambiance of the whole mall, less people, relaxing and you can really enjoy everything.

I’ve had a lot when we visit this joint last weekend. And when I say a lot, that meant I really had a hard time standing up and concealing my getting-bigger-and-bigger tummy. Hehe.

Let me give you a quick preview of this restaurant. They are serving chicken, pasta and pizza, typical Italian dining cuisine. But to make your dining experience perfect they are offering more stuff that will make your mouth waters.

So, let me give the dishes that I really liked from them.
I recommend y’all to try them, too, and let’s compare our ratings.
Bread Sticks

First, I’m proud to say that I love, love, love their bread sticks!
Freshly baked and really, really tasteful! And what’s good about these bread sticks is you can have a free refill of them when you order pasta. Pasta and bread sticks, perfect!
Italian Chicken

I like how their Italian Chicken tasted, the mixture of spices made this dish really, really good. More than just finger-licking, they are lip-smacking delicious. A must-have when you visit this place! Their Italian Chicken usually comes with pasta. Chicken and pasta, again, perfect!

Gamberetti Fettuccine Alfredo – Php165.00

As for pasta dish, I’d say that their Gamberetti was luscious! The creamy sauce matched perfectly with the shrimps and bread sticks, again. I love the creaminess of the sauce, and how balanced the taste of the milk, cheese and spices in that sauce.

Meatball Pasta Bigoli – Php115.00

Though, I’m still torn between their Meatball Pasta Bigoli. Hehe. Their red sauce pasta was also good.
Bacon Stromboli – Php120.00

For side dishes, I recommend their Bacon Stromboli. Stromboli is a type of turnover, and this one that they have here was yummy! I’m sure kids will love it.
Pork Picatta with Spaghetti Marinara – Php150.00

Their Pork Piccata was also great! This one will challenge you palette and I’m sure that you’ll love how this dish turn your sense of taste upside down and then back.

For desserts, I recommend that you try these two:
Tiramisu – Php55.00

To cleanse you palette and leave nothing but sweetness, a perfect way to end this wonderful experience or you can have these:
Gelato – Php50.00

Try their Strawberry or Pistachio Gelatos, really nice! Gelato is the next big thing and really the hottest summer cooler. And if I’m not mistaken, this is the cheapest gelato that I’ve had so far.

Here are the other dishes that I’ve had too during my visit here and I’m not saying that their bad, rather I consider them average.
Chicken Pasta Bigoli – Php115.00

Really hot, so for those who are afraid to turn their face to red, avoid having this one.
I think you can suggest a little hotter if you wanna challenge yourself but afraid to put it a full blast.
Spaghetti al Pesto with Italian Chicken – Php170.00

I don’t find anything special with their pesto, but if you’re a fan of pesto, try it. They’re not bad, I just find it too plain, thank God that the Italian Chicken was really deli.

Pepperoni Classico – Php570.00

This pizza was also good, but I think they need add to something to it to make it more appealing or make it their own. Because comparing it to my favourite pizzas from the Yellow Cab, this will look dull. Plus, the taste was really ordinary, I wouldn’t mind eating it, but it will bore me, really bore me.

And for the other desserts like the Turtle Cheesecake and Tre Latte, I thought there was some secret ingredient behind that cheesecake on why it was called Turtle Cheesecake, but there’s none. According to the manager, they just called it Turtle Cheesecake because the chocolate kisses on top of it made it look like a turtle’s shell. And the Tre Latte was also good, in fact, I find it delicious, but comparing it to Tiramisu, I prefer having Tiramisu.
Turtle Cheesecake – Php80.00

 Tre Latte – Php55.00

The drinks are all refillable, so it's save you a lot of money and readies you for more appetizing dishes. So, no worries when you eat a lot. Hehe.

Needs a little room for improvement, I guess, when it come to service and accommodating their guests, but as a whole, for an upcoming restaurant like them, I really recommend this place to all the families and group of friends out there.

In general, I’d say that having a weekend lunch here in Bigoli was not bad. With their great ambiance, delicious, big serving dishes and pocket-friendly prices, dining here and experiencing Italy was really fantastic.

Thanks, Ristorante Bigoli!

Happy eating!

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