1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition - Singapore and Malaysia

This was the most disappointing show I’ve had with this event. I’ve been attending this competition for three Sundays, and last Sunday’s show was really the worst of all. Really, I don’t want to do this, but I really have to point out some stuff for organizers to learn from it.

I was at the event area before 7pm, to get a great view for photo purposes and, of course, I don’t wanna miss a thing. If last Sunday’s presentation was late for an hour, this Sunday’s presentation was 2 hours late. Instead of the 7pm schedule that was written all over posters and websites, the show started at around 9pm and to much disappointment, they opened the supposedly “paid” area to everybody, leaving nothing much difference to those who paid. Well, lucky me, I didn’t pay, so I didn’t waste any money for this show. But my time, I was about to leave the place by 8:30pm if I just didn’t hear a man from the inside telling us that the show was about to start! IT’S ABOUT TIME, YOU KNOW?!

As the show started, I noticed something; Singapore’s presentation was far more boring than the France showed to us last Sunday. There were a lot of dark sky (or dead air for TV), and the fireworks were not that extravagant. It is as if they were just doing it in a typical day (or night). It was like, “That’s it? Sure? Booooooring!!!”

Thank God that Malaysia’s presentation brought back the competitive edge as they showcased their ingenuity to this first ever pyromusical event in the country. There were some fireworks which were the same as the previous competitors, but still their final “boom” was really wowing.

Here are some of the shots I had during this leg of competition. I hope you like it.

Maybe next Sunday, I will not watch this event that close again. It was really hard to chase the fireworks flying in the sky and it was really hard to fit them all in a frame since they were all so gigantic and all.
Next Sunday is the final presentation, and Philippines and the US will be battling it out, so see y’all next Sunday!

More picture here.

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