Microsoft Office 2010 is the new LOVE

If you thought the Apple was the only company who gave birth to a new and awesome gadget, well you’re wrong, because be ready to meet Microsoft’s new baby – The Microsoft Office 2010!

Tech, food, lifestyle and personal bloggers were invited last January 28 to the Microsoft VIP Mix, which was held at Microsoft Makati Office in 6750, Ayala Avenue, Makati.

This was the first online community event which was sponsored and hosted by Microsoft, and indeed, it was a blast!

After we had a sumptuous dinner, buffet style, we witnessed the awesome surprise that’s awaiting us that night, the launching of Microsoft Office 2010. 

Though, it still beta, the features that they showcased to us were so wowing and really jaw dropping.

I love how Microsoft Excel made more helpful with its dramatic, creative and high-end features. Surely, people from advertising and students alike will benefit so much from these wonderful features.

And for bloggers like me, I was impressed by how you can start blogging from an MS Word document. It will help me lot with regards to punctuation and grammatical errors that I usually commit when I blog directly to my blog site. Plus, I don’t have to open a lot of windows anymore. You just have to click “publish” in the MS Word document to put it in your blog. So nice!

The night was more enjoyable when we select the "likeable" bloggers, and they received wonderful gifts from Microsoft.

The Marocharim Experiment

The Journal of Jester-in-Exile

Flair Candy


While I, received also a CD for Windows Live.

With these interesting features, I’m in love with Microsoft Office 2010.
I just hope they release soon the final copy of this wonderful software. Wee!

Thanks Microsoft, til next time!

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