A Weird Sea Creature

I was really shocked when I saw this, and hearing that this was indeed a "shokoy", (according to my friends), or a merman, it really scared me! BIG TIME!

It is said that they found this creature in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

As hearsay continues, people from Cagayan de Oro saw thing which was about to hug, or some thing like that, a woman who was washing her clothes in a river nearby. Luckily, there were men around the area who took the courage to shoot this creature.

They took this creature in one of the villager's house to pray it over.

What you will hear in this video is a Maranao prayer.

I googled it and here's what I've got.

This creature is called Guitarfish.

From Wikipedia.com - The guitarfish are a family, Rhinobatidae, of rays. The guitarfish are known for an elongated body with a flattened head and trunk and small ray like wings. The combined range of the various species is tropical, subtropical and temperate waters worldwide. They often travel in large schools.

Most adult guitarfish reach five or six feet in length, but the Indo-Pacific Rhynchobatus djiddensis can weigh 225 kilograms (500 lb) and grow to 3 metres (9.8 ft) in length. These fish are bottom feeders, preferring small crustaceans. Their teeth are small and numerous, usually arranged in 65 or 70 rows. Guitarfish are ovoviviparous, with the young hatching out of the eggs before leaving the mother’s body.

Guitarfishes have a body form intermediate between those of sharks and rays. The tail has a typical ray-like form, but in many species the head has a triangular, or shovel-like shape, rather than the disc-shape formed by fusion with the pectoral fin found never other rays.
Notable species include the Shovelnose guitarfish, Rhinobatos productus, and the Bowmouth guitarfish, Rhina ancylostoma.

Pictures of this scary/weird creature here.

One thing is for sure, this creature which looked like a man/squid/manta ray/alien is really, really scary!

And as to how this creature got it to that river where that woman was washing her clothes, I've got no information about it.

I just hope that no one eats this creature! They might get its looks. ONE SCARY LOOK.

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