I miss Vigan Longganisa!

When I went to Vigan, Ilocos Sur last year, I drool over the antique pieces that were displayed along Crisologo Street. I know that my eyes will surely feast on everything that I will see there from their beautiful houses, to their wonderful Baluarte and even their magnificent burnayans.

Luckily, I have with me a friend who knew the place very well and she has an aunt who has a very astonishing ancient house just across the famous Crisologo Street. And the best part of it, they just didn’t let me stay in their house for free, but they shared me very delicious Vigan dishes that I will never forget.

Since I was a child, I don’t like eating longganisa, or the Filipino sausage.

I don’t like the oily appearance of it. I don’t like the taste, which is like eating a fresh fatty meat of a pig. And lastly, I don’t like its smell. I just don’t like it.

But when my friend told me that Vigan has one of the best longganisas in the country, the garlic-y taste and the dried look of it, I will surely like it. Or maybe at some point love it.


Perfect for breakfast with matching garlic rice and “Sukang Iloco”, this dish is really, really good! It erased my perception about Longganisa and I can’t stop my self feasting on every piece.

Then yesterday, my office Rio gave me “pasalubong”, a kilo of Vigan longganisa , since his dad just came from somewhere north (Thanks Rio and Daddy!). I’m so happy because for once, I really, really miss this dish.

I asked my mom to prepare it to me this morning for my breakfast. And thank God, she cooked it just the right way!

Vigan Longganisa

The really good taste of the longganisa brings back all the good memories of my visit in Vigan. The beautiful place, the hospitable Ilocanos, the cheap merchandise and the delectable dishes, it is really good to remember all of that.

I had one great breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and it just made my day! No wonder I feel so jovial today.

I have one important reminder, do not forget to brush your teeth and gargle with a strong mouthwash afterwards because the garlic-y smell really stays in your mouth. Lols. But don’t let this idea worry you so much.

Try this dish and I assure you that you’ll love it just the way I loved and loving it.

Thanks to Ilocanos for this delicious meal! And see you again, Vigan! SOON!

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