Tasting Jai Ho

It’s another “treat-your-self” day as it is end of the month and its payday! Whoopee!

I didn’t get a chance to eat Japanese food last night, which I’m still drooling over today. Instead, me and my niece, Ikay, had bibingka and puto bumbong last night from the Bibinka stall in our subdivision. You can’t really say no to a sweet little girl.

Anyways, today at lunch, my lunch mate Rio and I headed to this “Jai Ho” land, the New Bombay at The Columns along Gil Puyat Avenue.

New Bombay

With our pocket freshly filled by salary money, we took a table just near the door, just in case the food here might be too expensive for us. (We can escape quickly. Lols.)

Luckily, we can afford it, somehow. So we with our order been taken, we opt to a better table where we can get a better view of the whole place.

The interior is simple, with a little touch of India, though, not that extravagant as I’m expecting. The first floor was designed for business-type people who would like to have an Indian cuisine in a formal place, and since it is here in the heart of Makati Business District. While the loft has an Indian theme, where we placed out sweet butts.

Interior (Loft Area) of New Bombay



The New Bombay peeps were nice to us, accommodating to the point where, well, since we can’t understand anything on the menu, the server explained to us those stuff and told us their specialty, which we ordered.

We had Safron Rice and Shrimp Malai Curry.
Just these two dishes, because we’re not really familiar with Indian cuisines.

Safron Rice – Php160.00


Shrimp Malai Curry – Php195.00

The Safron rice was really good. Basmati yellow rice mixed in dried fruits (raisins and cashew nuts). I liked the festive color of the dish. And the smell was really appetizing. The taste was balance, not that salty and not that sweet. Though, I’m quite unaccustomed to this kind of rice because of the cashew nuts and the raisins, which was quite hard to be eaten with rice. My lunch mate Rio separated those cashew nuts and raisins first before she ate. Hehe.

One thing that I don’t like about this dish is the serving. The lady told us that this was good for two, but when we saw the plate, we already knew that we will need an extra cup of rice. So we had an extra cup of ordinary rice.

Ordinary Rice – Php20.00

In fairness, with this regular rice, we appreciated Shrimp Malai Curry more.

The Shrimp Malai Curry was also good. We choose to have it mildly spicy, since again, we’re not that aware on how spicy this “mildly spicy” flavour would taste like. The pasty look of this was quite intriguing. Though, I would say that the presentation was so Indian. Served in a metal cup, they served it hot which was really great.

It tasted like a regular curry, only this with shrimp. I’d say that it was really delicious. It wasn’t too spicy, that’s why we enjoyed eating it. The aroma was also the typical curry, only with a little sting in my nose, since it was really offered to those who have high tolerance on spicy food.

And again, I think the serving was quite not enough, since again, the lady told us that it was good for two.

I’d like to go back here but not soon. And maybe next time, I’ll try their bread and their yogurt, since I noticed that the foreigners who were dinning there were having Cahapati or Naan and yogurt for their lunch.

One of the best thing about this place:

New Bombay
Ground Floor, The Columns
Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.


Anonymous said...

i miss puto bongbong at bibinka...talaga they have there in indian restaurant??here is very different..maybe it's a fusion..i will tell to my indian friends if they can copy our authentic bibinka...nice blog anyway..\ you should biryani!!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Skywalker.

I think you've mistaken. This blog is in continuation of my previous blog. New Bombay is not selling Bibingka nor Puto Bumbong.


But I think, Indian Bibingka is a good idea,

Thanks for dropping by!