“On a Diet” and Craving for Something!

My Gahd!

I need a one big slap on my face right now. I cannot live like this!

And every time I see a dish, I can get it out of my head - and taste buds!

But today, it’s different.

I’ve been working for 12 hours in the office for three consecutive days, and I feel so tired.
I wanna relax, I wanna rest…. I wanna treat myself.

And the best way to treat a tired middle child, like me, is to eat something really delicious. And by that delicious, I mean….


I wanna eat California Maki, Sashimi and Dumplings. Now!

California Maki




Fried Dumplings

The funny thing is, every time I see Japanese foods nowadays, they remind me of my Superfriends.

It has been our annual thing to eat and dare ourselves to eat different Japanese foods using chopsticks every Christmas night at Malate for the past 3 years. And we’re always having fun at each other once our idle fingers hold the sticks – we can’t get them to work properly! Lols!

Oh, it’s really nice to remember something great from delicious foods. It really cheers me up and makes me feel that I really deserve a break.

I just hope that I have enough moolah for this craving thing. Hehehe.

*Japanese food by Yuku

2nd Floor, The Podium
Ortigas Center, Pasig

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