Pasta All You Can!

It's payday again, so it’s a Treat Yourself Day! Yey!

Me and my friend Rio  tried the pocket-friendly offer of Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, the pasta all you can! Wee! And for just Php150.00 you can have it all!

 Pasta All You Can, All Day, Everyday! - Php150.00

Situated at Salcedo Village in Makati, a food joint we barely noticed was our target today. And with out hungry stomach and salary-filled pockets, we took the courage to taste the pasta that they are offering.

First plate, Carbonara Pasta.


The thick creamy sauce embracing each pasta strand was good. I’m a carbonara fan, so I think I have the authority to say when the carbonara is good or not. Plus, I know how to cook one! Hehe. And according to my friends, I cooked my carbonara really, really good. *wink-wink*

Well, back to Joey Pepperoni’s carbonara, this dish is really appetizing from the way it was presented on my table. The nice aroma and the hot sauce really filled my hungry stomach. Topped with bits of bacon, it really gave justice to that “Italian style” carbonara.

BUT, of course, I came here with a really empty stomach, so I’m kinda prepared for this one. So, without further ado, here comes my second plate, Italian Meat Sauce Pasta.

Italian Meat Sauce Pasta

I like it, though I find it still sweet. I’m quite expecting a more strong flavoured meat sauce since the waitress asked me to choose if I want a sweet or Italian meat sauce and I ordered the Italian one; but nonetheless, it is still good. You can really taste the meat flavour on every strand of the pasta which is nice and yummy. But unlike the carbonara, the red sauce is kinda watery. Maybe the pasta was not well drained or maybe lack of tomato sauce or something. But if you still prefer red sauce pasta, I can say that this dish is still satisfactory.

And lastly, my third plate, the Pesto Pasta.

Pesto Pasta

My favourite amongst the three. The nice green color, which I like, the pasty sauce which really holds the pasta very nicely, which I like again and the savoury aroma and taste, which I like the best, really satisfied my appetite.

I rarely eat pesto pasta, but I can assure you that this one marked why I would go back to this food joint again. This dish will ruin your diet, or my diet, if in case you’re on a diet. You crave for another plate when came by here. Unluckily, I’m already bloated and I don’t have any more space for my fourth plate.

I thought I could beat this guy.

 7 Plates! Oh, come on!

But maybe next time. I’ll make sure that I’m more ready for this one. Lols!

And by that next time, too, I’ll also try their pizza which is at 50% off from 2pm to 6pm. Nice, eh?

50% off on all pizza

So, I’m to all my friends, officemates, pizza and pasta lovers….


 A spotted @ JPP

And here are their other pocket-friendly meals:

G-1 CCH Bldg 136 LP Leviste, Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 812-1807


JL Santiago Aquino said...

waw sarap! same promo ba sa sm north edsa branch nila?

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi Jay.L,

I believe lahat ng branches nila offers this promo.